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Missouri Immigration

When you are thinking about moving to or visiting the United States, you need to be sure you follow immigration laws. One of the first things you need to do is get the right visa. An attorney can help make the process easier.

Immigrating to Missouri

The United States issues dozens of types of visas. The kind you need depends on your reasons for coming to the country. Some are for permanent residency. These are called immigrant visas. They allow you to get a green card and live and work here for as long as you like. Some types of immigrant visa include:

  • Work: Employers can petition on behalf of foreign workers they want to hire permanently.
  • Family: U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents can petition on behalf of family members. Immediate family gets priority over more distant family.
  • Adoption: Families who adopt a foreign child must get a visa for the child to come to the United States.

Other visas are temporary. You get these for a specific purpose and they expire. Some types of temporary or non-immigrant visas are:

  • Tourism (B-2): You may use this for visiting family or another pleasure trip
  • Student (F-1): You may take for-credit classes at academic schools, such as a university

If you stay in the United States past your visa's expiration, you become an illegal resident. This is true even though you came here legally.

Missouri and Illegal Immigration

Missouri has passed some laws intended to help it enforce the federal immigration laws. Some of these laws cover:

  • Employment: Federal law requires employers to check all new hires' eligibility to work. Missouri requires public employers and businesses with state contracts of $5,000 or more to do this using the E-Verify database.
  • Getting a driver's license or ID: All applicants must show documentation proving Missouri residency and their social security numbers (SSN).

The federal government issues an SSN to anyone authorized to work.

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