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Mississippi Immigration

The United States federal government regulates who may come to the country and why. It issues visas based on your reasons for immigrating to the country. Many people apply for visas for family or work reasons. A lawyer can help you get the right one.

Coming to Mississippi to Work

The United States issues dozens of types of work visas. Some are for people who want to live and work here permanently. Others let you take temporary jobs. An employer can also sponsor a worker to become a permanent resident. Those who can get permanent work visas include:

  • People with special abilities or advanced degrees in science, art or business
  • First-rate researchers
  • Employees of U.S. foreign service posts
  • Some religious workers

Employers may also bring nonimmigrant temporary workers to the United States to fill certain jobs. Some of the almost two dozen types of visas in this category include:

  • H1B: Specialty jobs, such as fashion models or Department of Defense projects
  • H2A: Seasonal agricultural workers
  • H2B: Temporary non-agricultural workers in jobs without enough U.S. workers
  • H3: Trainees not in medicine or academics

If you stay in the country after a temporary visa expires, you become an undocumented immigrant. You can be deported if you are caught. Even if you eventually leave on your own, you might not be allowed to legally return later.

If while you are here you decide you would like to stay permanently, you may be able to apply for an adjustment of status. You will still need to meet the eligibility requirements for a green card (permanent residence status).

State Laws That Affect Immigrant Employment

Under federal law, all employers must check that new hires are eligible to work in the United States. Mississippi requires that all employers in the state use E-Verify to do this. E-Verify is a federal system that compares the information employees provide with government records. If you need a driver's license to do your job, be prepared to show proof of legal status.

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