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Iowa Immigration

Moving to a new country to live can be a stressful. There are a whole new set of norms to adjust to. You may miss family and friends. And there may even be a language barrier to overcome. The last thing you need is to risk something going wrong with your immigration filing. Even minor missteps can have devastating results. Kentucky immigration lawyers can help with almost any legal issue you may face, as you adjust to your new locale.

What Is Naturalization?

Those seeking to become citizens of the United States must go through naturalization. This process can be complex. It takes into account:

  • Circumstances of your residency in the United States
  • Whether you have followed the laws regarding visas and residency requirements

Is It True that Immigration Laws Are Growing Stricter?

Since immigration laws were passed in 1996 and big changes were made after September 11, 2001, the enforcement of immigration rules and regulations has grown stricter. This is why it is now more crucial than ever to partner with a knowledgeable attorney. Such lawyers can help with matters form temporary visas to permanent citizenship—and everything in between, including deportation.

Does My Arrest or Conviction Impact My Immigration Status?

Yes. If you have been convicted of a crime or arrested, deportation is a possible punishment. An immigration attorney can fight aggressively to defend your rights and protect your residency status. You may have valuable appeal rights at stake, too. You may also need a criminal defense attorney, depending on your situation. Criminal defense and immigration lawyers can favorably impact the outcome of your case(s).

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