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How To Apply For Temporary Visas And Green Card

When you only want to study or work within another country for a brief period of time, then you require a temporary visa for your endeavors. A green card is a legal document that gives a person the legal right to permanently work in another country. There are different types of green cards that a person may apply for and receive. You can consult with an immigration attorney to determine which green card suits your needs. The typical green card has five different levels, and it is important to apply for the green card that is right for you. Otherwise, you can be left waiting longer than necessary to receive your green card. The Federal Trade Commission recommends that a person seeking a green card work closely with an immigration lawyer to avoid scams and choose the right green card.

Applying For Temporary Visas

When you want to apply for a temporary visa, it is important to apply as early as possible. You should try to apply for a temporary visa at least six months prior to departure for another country. Here are a couple other steps that you should take in applying for a temporary visa:

  • Review visa wait times.
  • Schedule an interview at an embassy.
  • Pay visa fees ahead of time.

Applying For Green Cards

There are a few ways that a person may apply for a green card:

  • If one has an immediate family member who is living in the United States, then he or she may automatically qualify for a green card. 
  • If offered a job in the United States, one can apply.
  • A refugee who has fled from his or her home country may also be able to qualify for a green card.  However, a refugee will need to wait until he or she has lived in the United States for at least one year before applying for a green card.
  • One who has been granted asylum status may also apply for a green card after one year in the United States.