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Delaware Immigration

United States immigration law has changed a great deal recently. As the political climate shifts, so do opinions on immigration. Rules for entering the country are growing more complex. It is crucial to hire an immigration lawyer if you want to obtain U.S. citizenship or live and work in this nation.

What Are Visas?

The visa is a key immigration tool. It permits non-citizens to legally enter the country. There are multiple types. Each has its own rules and limitations.

The student visa is a popular type. It is ideal for those seeking to come to the United States to study full-time in an educational program. With a student visa, you can:

If you are granted entry, you must uphold duties and responsibilities of the student visa during your stay in the country.

Who Is Eligible for U.S. Citizenship?

Many legal permanent residents may be eligible to apply for American citizenship. This is accomplished through the naturalization process. Others may become citizens automatically if they were born outside the United States to one or more citizens. Some people obtain citizenship through naturalization of one or both parents. It is important to realize that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may try to deny or even revoke citizenship.

How Can an Attorney Help?

The U.S. immigration legal maze is complex. A Delaware immigration lawyer can help you obtain:

  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Green card or
  • U.S. citizenship

Naturalization is often a difficult process. Even minor missteps can create unfortunate results, such as removal from the country. With stakes that drastic, it makes sense to hire an attorney to walk you through the process.

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