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Can An Immigration Lawyer Help Me Obtain A Work Visa?

When you want to work within another country, it is important that you go through the legal process of obtaining a work visa. If you do not obtain a work visa while you are abroad, then you may be deported back to your original country. You can also face severe fines for failing to get a work visa. Minors may also want to get age certificates if they are working in countries like the United States. Otherwise, the U.S. Department of Labor can enforce sanctions against an employer for violating work permit laws. In addition, your employer may not be able to transfer you to a different location, and you can lose your job. You can avoid this situation by hiring an immigration lawyer to help you obtain a work visa.

Applying For A Work Visa

In order to be approved for a work visa from a country, one must submit all of the appropriate documents. If one does not precisely follow the application process, then a country may decide to deny a person's work visa application. An immigration lawyer helps you gather all of the documentation that is required for your application for a work visa. If you have been convicted of a crime in your home country, then this can make the process of obtaining a work visa much more difficult. You will need to speak with an immigration lawyer to determine how you can work past your criminal record to obtain a work visa.

Bypassing The Work Visa Application Process

Certain business people and government officials may not need to obtain a work visa. If you think that you may be eligible to bypass the application process, then you can meet with an immigration lawyer to discuss your options. Here is a list of the individuals who are typically able to bypass the work visa application process:

  • Artists
  • Foreign Diplomats
  • Members of the Military
  • Government Officials
  • Religious Leaders
  • Athletes

Working With An Immigration Attorney

By working with an immigration attorney, you will save time as you apply for a work visa. You will not have to wait for months for your visa to arrive in the mail. You may even be able to bypass the application process with the insight that an immigration lawyer can provide you.