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Can A Felony Sentence Decrease To Probation?

When you have been convicted of a felony, you have likely felt the effects of the conviction. You may see how difficult it is to get a new job with a felony on your record. You may have a difficult time qualifying for loans from lenders. One way to deal with a felony conviction is to try to decrease the charge to probation. You can discuss your case with a lawyer to try to decrease your sentence to probation. According to the United States Department of Justice, probation can be an alternative that helps criminals rehabilitate themselves within the community. Probation also allows the prison system to cut down on the use of taxpayer dollars.

Filing An Appeal

A criminal attorney may want to file an appeal of your case. In the Appeals court, a judge may determine that there was a procedural error in the trial court. A judge may also determine that an issue of law remains and must be reconsidered. The judge will also have to cite his or her reasoning for the overturning of a conviction. Your lawyer may attempt to persuade the judge that issues of fact remain in your case. If issues of fact remain in your case, then you may be granted a new trial. You may be able to get your felony sentence decreased to probation in this way.

Effect Of Good Behavior

A criminal defense lawyer may also be able to reduce your sentence if you show good behavior during your time in prison. If you are helpful in completing tasks that are requested of you in the prison system, then you may be able to have your sentence reduced to probation. Here are a few other factors that can be taken into consideration to decrease your sentence to probation:

  • Community involvement
  • Leadership in charity service
  • Family connections

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