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Benefits Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer For A Felony Case

If you are charged with a felony, you face a long, grueling and confusing procedure. You need someone who can effectively advocate for you whether you are guilty or not guilty.

If you are not guilty of the crime with which you have been charged, you need someone who can demonstrate that the evidence presented by the prosecution is flawed or otherwise does not prove that you actually committed the alleged crime. It is extremely difficult for most criminal defendants to do this on their own. A defendant may be angry that evidence seems to have been manufactured. Judges and juries usually perceive anger as defensiveness. This perception often results in conviction and a harsh sentence.

If you are guilty of the crime with which you have been charged, a criminal defense attorney will still advocate for you. A criminal defense attorney will understand that it is not his job to judge you. That is the job of the court.

What Will A Criminal Law Attorney Do?

A criminal law attorney will clearly explain all of your options to you. If the current charge is a first offense, your attorney may be able to argue at arraignment that you should be released with low bail or even released on your own recognizance until your trial. Preparing a defense is easier for you and your attorney if you are not incarcerated.

Your attorney will explain what evidence the prosecution will be able to present in court and how that evidence may be refuted. He will tell you what to say at trial and what not to say and will coach you on how to dress and behave at trial. You need to know whether to present your case to a judge or demand your right to a trial by jury. Your criminal defense attorney may advise you to plead guilty to a lesser charge if he or she can arrange this with the prosecutor's office. A competent attorney may be able to convince the court to refer you to counseling or drug rehabilitation treatment instead of incarceration.

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