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Things to Consider When Hiring a DUI Attorney in Virginia Beach

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Virginia Beach, the consequences could follow you the rest of your life. There are severe penalties if you are convicted of drunk driving in Virginia, and you will want an experienced lawyer who can help you through the process. Here, we will talk about things you should consider when hiring a DUI attorney.

With a DUI in Virginia Beach, you will actually face two separate cases. One is a criminal case involving the police and the courts, and the other is an administrative license suspension.

A Virginia Beach DUI attorney can offer you guidance and support and explain the best options available.

Finding an Attorney for Your DUI in Virginia Beach

If you have never worked with a DUI lawyer before, you can ask people you know if they can recommend someone. If you don't get any good recommendations, would like another name or you don't want to tell people about your DUI, we at can help.

All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, either by filling out the form on this page or calling us at 1-877-913-7222. Then, we can connect you to an attorney who handles DUI cases, whether you live in Sigma, Kings Grant or elsewhere in the Hampton Roads area. The lawyer will reach out to you within two business days, or you can contact the lawyer directly.

Things to Look For

There are several things you should consider when deciding which attorney is the right one for you. During your initial consultation with Virginia Beach DUI attorneys, be ready to ask a lot of questions so you can decide which one to hire.


You will want to find an attorney who has previously represented people in Virginia Beach DUIs. Ask how often he has appeared with other clients in Virginia Beach Circuit Court and other local jurisdictions.

Ask the lawyer if he is familiar with the judge, prosecutors and others who may be involved with your case.

You will also need to find a lawyer who understands how to work with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles through the administrative issues.

Legal Fees

Fees are another consideration, and you will want to talk to the different lawyers to learn whether they charge reasonable rates.

For a DUI in Virginia Beach, lawyers may charge different types of rates.

This can include an hourly rate, where you pay for all the time your attorney works on your case. Or, you may meet with DUI lawyers who charge a flat fee, where you and the attorneys agree to a fee up front.

Be sure that you understand the total costs of your case, including extras such as court fees. Think about whether the rates seem fair and whether you can afford them.

Strategies and Options

You should also get a sense of how the lawyer would handle your case. He may not be able to discuss your situation specifically before you hire him, but you can talk generally about how he would approach a situation like yours.

Talk to the lawyer to see if the police may have done anything improperly when you were arrested or if there may be problems with your blood alcohol test. See if rehabilitation could lessen the consequences you may face.

Find out about the different options you may have. In Virginia, penalties and fines get more serious for every DUI conviction, so be sure you understand all the potential outcomes to your case.

The Trust Factor

You need to do a gut check as well. This may be the most important legal issue you are ever involved with, and you need to be comfortable with the attorney and trust his advice.

Consider whether his experience is a good fit. Think about whether his fees seem fair. Decide if you trust his information and the strategies he suggests.

Remember, even an attorney who comes highly recommended may not be the right attorney for you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Choosing a Lawyer

After you meet with attorneys for your Virginia Beach DUI, it's time to choose one. If you still aren't sure, talk to the attorney's references and get their impressions. Don't be nervous about following up directly with the attorney if you have questions. Then, decide which one is the right one for you.

Once you have hired an attorney for your DUI in Virginia Beach, you can move forward with your case.