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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Pittsburgh Drunk Driving Attorney

A Pittsburgh drunk driving conviction can subject you to heavy fines, license suspension and jail time. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you need a Pittsburgh DUI attorney to defend your case.

With so much at stake, you need to choose the right attorney, and you will learn enough to make that decision if you ask the right questions. This article describes those important questions.

Interviewing a Pittsburgh Drunk Driving Attorney

Your first meeting with an attorney you may hire is called an initial consultation. It’s your chance to interview an attorney and learn about their personal and professional qualities. Everything you learn during your meeting will help choose the lawyer who’s right for you.

Start each consultation by explaining your case to the attorney. Bring all the documents you have regarding your arrest. The more information you provide, the better the lawyer will understand your situation.

Next, you’ll have the chance to ask questions. You should focus your questions on the topics that will help you choose a Pittsburgh DUI attorney. Make sure to take notes as your meeting goes along, so you can remember the answers later. You can discuss anything that is important to you, but there are several topics you should be sure to cover.

Important Questions for a Pittsburgh Drunk Driver Defense Lawyer

There are three main subjects you should discuss during your consultation. Several questions on each subject will help you learn about the attorney, his practice and your case.

Questions About Experience

  • How long have you been practicing Pittsburgh drunk driver defense law?
  • Are you part of the Pittsburgh Bar and Pennsylvania Bar Associations and the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers?
  • Do you only do criminal defense, or do you practice in other areas of law?
  • What is your experience and reputation in the Court of Common Pleas?
  • Are you familiar with the judges, prosecutors and staff we may encounter?
  • How many Pittsburgh drunk driving cases do you plea-bargain each year?
  • How many cases do you win at trial?

Questions About Your Pittsburgh Drunk Driving Case

  • What is your opinion of my case?
  • Which factors work in my favor, and which work against me?
  • What are my defense options?
  • What strategy do you suggest?
  • What are the steps in my defense?
  • What are the possible outcomes of my case?
  • Who will be working on my case?
  • What is each person’s role?
  • Whom do I contact with questions, and how soon will I get a response?
  • How often will you update me on my case progress?

Questions About Legal Fees

  • How do you charge for your time?
  • What is the rate?
  • Are costs and expenses extra?
  • Do you require a deposit or retainer?
  • What do you estimate my total bill will be?
  • How often will you bill me?
  • Do you offer payment plans?

After Consulting with a Pittsburgh DUI Attorney

You may interview only one lawyer or you may interview several attorneys before you’re ready to choose one. When you’ve finished your consultations, review what you’ve learned about the lawyers you’re considering. Ask yourself which attorney:

  • Is the most experienced in Pittsburgh drunk driver defense?
  • Made you feel the most comfortable and confident?
  • Offered a reasonable defense strategy and approach?
  • Had the most reasonable fees?
  • Was the best overall match for you and your case?

The answers to these questions will often lead you to the right Pittsburgh DUI attorney.

If you can’t decide, more information may be helpful. You may ask additional questions of each attorney you’re considering, and you may also ask for personal references. Many lawyers will provide the names of former clients for you to contact. Their first-hand opinions are often helpful in choosing an attorney.

Use all the information you have to choose the attorney that’s best for you.