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How to Hire an Oregon DUI Attorney

In Oregon, DUI convictions are serious offenses with harsh penalties. If you’ve been charged with driving under influence, you need to hire an Oregon DUI attorney. This article will explain how to find and hire a DUI lawyer.

Unearthing Oregon DUI Lawyers

The first step is to find a DUI attorney. If you’ve never retained one before, ask the people you know for referrals. Personal recommendations are a valuable resource because you obtain insight into a lawyer’s work style in the court room and with his clients.

If you would rather find a lawyer on your own or would simply like to expand your list of options, check out Whether you live in Portland, Keno, Hammond or any other Oregon city, we can connect you with a DUI lawyer. Simply fill out the online form, or call 1-877-913-7222. Then answer a few questions and we will provide you with the name of at least one DUI attorney in your area. Call the lawyer yourself, or the lawyer will contact you within two business days.

What to Look for in an Oregon DUI attorney

The DUI lawyer you hire needs:

Getting Organized for the Initial Consultation

Now that you know what to look for in a DUI attorney and have found a few legal candidates, you need to schedule initial consultations with them. An initial consultation is a meeting between you and a lawyer to discuss your case. It’s the time to learn how the lawyer sees your case, hear proposed legal strategies, talk about case management issues, and legal fees.

This is also a good time to gauge your feelings toward the lawyer. Your comfort level with the attorney is important because you could be working together for a while. The purpose of the meeting is to decide whether you want to hire the Oregon drunk driving attorney.

To get the most out of an initial consultation, prepare for it. Gather any relevant documents or information that pertains to your DUI case. This includes the arrest report, court documents, and the names and contact information of witnesses.

Then compile a list of questions to ask the DUI attorney. Question a lawyer about his experience with DUI cases, your legal options, his proposed legal strategy, the potential outcomes to your case, the lawyer’s billing rates, and his case management style.

Make sure to ask for a list of references from the attorney if you want to confirm his qualifications and abilities with a previous client.

Lastly, bring writing material to the meeting to take notes.

Selecting and Hiring an Oregon DUI Attorney

Once you’ve met with a few Oregon DUI lawyers, evaluate their qualifications and select the lawyer who best fits your needs. Things to consider include:

  • Did the lawyer have the right experience?
  • Which lawyer proposed the best legal strategy for my case?
  • How will the lawyer keep me informed about my DUI proceedings?
  • Are his rates reasonable?
  • Am I comfortable with the attorney?

If you’re still undecided, call the list of references and get their input. Inquire about their experience with the lawyer. Would they retain the lawyer again?

These steps should help you find and then choose an Oregon DUI attorney. After you’ve made your choice, hire the lawyer and move forward with your case.