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Kansas DUI and DWI

Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are serious offenses in Kansas. A conviction can have lasting impacts. Whether a first or subsequent charge, Kansas DUI lawyers can help you mount a strong defense.

What Triggers a DUI in Kansas?

In Kansas, you may face drunk driving charges if you are pulled over and either:

It may be easy to forget in the moment, but many factors can affect drunk driving offenses. You should never simply plead guilty. DWI lawyers can often pick apart a case against you. This is especially true if you failed a field sobriety test. A Kansas DUI lawyer may be able to help you attain:

  • Dismissal of charges
  • Restored driving privileges
  • Reduced fines
  • Community service in lieu of jail

What Can Police Do in a Traffic Stop?

Kansas has strict drunk driving laws. Police can pull drivers over on "reasonable articulable suspicion." They can:

  • Pull you over
  • Ask you questions
  • Evaluate and observe your behavior
  • Ask you to take one or more field sobriety and chemical tests

A lot can happen before you are even advised of basic constitutional rights. But you actually have the right to:

  • Refuse to answer police questions
  • Calmly and patiently sit in your car
  • Politely remain quiet
  • Tell the officer to either arrest you or let you go

Rarely does it pay to answer police questions during a drunk driving stop. Law enforcement is usually searching for grounds to arrest you.

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Kansas driving under the influence lawyers can build prevailing defenses for clients. They zero in on weaknesses and flaws in police testing equipment, conditions, and methods to defend you. Your driving privileges, personal records, and individual freedoms are all at stake. Call now to speak with a DUI lawyer in Kansas at 877-913-7222.