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How to Hire an Orlando DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with Orlando DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated), you face a number of serious penalties. Hiring an Orlando DUI lawyer is the best way to protect your rights and defend yourself against the charge.

If you haven’t used an attorney before, you may not know where to find one or how to make a good choice. This article explains the important steps in hiring an Orlando DWI lawyer.

Finding an Orlando DUI Lawyer

A good Orlando DUI lawyer can often be found through the people you know. Start by asking your friends and family if they have used or can recommend an Orlando DWI lawyer. Their personal recommendations are valuable and can often lead you in the right direction, but you should ask some additional questions. Ask if they were happy with the lawyer, how their case turned out and if they’d hire the lawyer again. Start a list of the attorneys that interest you.

An Orlando DUI arrest is a personal matter, and you may not wish to discuss it with people you know. If you’d like confidential recommendations or just need a few more names, can help. Just call 1-877-913-7222 or fill out the online form, and answer a few preliminary questions. will connect you with one or more Orlando DUI lawyer in your area. You can call the lawyers at your convenience, or simply wait and they will contact you within two business days.

The next step is to find out which attorney is the right match for you.

Talking with Orlando DWI Lawyers

Call each lawyer you’re considering and schedule an initial consultation. The consultation is a meeting between you and an Orlando DUI lawyer you may hire. This meeting is where the lawyer learns about your case and where you to learn about the lawyer.

To help the attorney understand your situation, be sure to bring any documents about your arrest. The police report, names of witnesses and correspondence from the court are all helpful when you’re telling your story.

Throughout the consultation, you can ask questions about your case and about the lawyer’s qualifications. A good attorney has several key qualities, and you should write questions in advance that will help you learn about those topics. Some important topics are:

  • The lawyer’s experience with Florida DUI defense
  • The lawyer’s familiarity with the court, judges, staff and prosecutors who may be involved in your case
  • Your legal options and the possible consequences
  • The suggested legal strategy for defending your case
  • The lawyer’s fees

As you ask your questions, take note of how you feel about the lawyer. The attorney you choose should make you feel comfortable, and you should trust his judgment and opinions. Bring a pen and paper to each consultation and write down the answers to these and any other important questions that come up. Your notes will be helpful when you choose a lawyer.

Choosing an Orlando DUI Lawyer

When your consultations are done, use your notes and impressions to consider each attorney. Think about which one has the best qualifications and is a good personal match for you.

If you can’t decide, more information may help you choose. You can contact the attorneys you’re considering and ask follow-up questions, and you may also ask for references. Many Orlando DUI lawyers will put you in touch with former clients who can tell you how their case turned out and how they felt about the lawyer. Their personal opinions may be very helpful.

Make sure you are fully confident in your choice, then contact your attorney and proceed with your defense.