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How to Hire a Washington, D.C., DUI Lawyer

Being arrested for drunk driving is a serious offense in the District of Columbia. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, you will need to hire a Washington, D.C., DUI lawyer to represent you. This article will help you identify and hire the right attorney.

Under D.C. DUI laws, fines and penalties depend on how many drunk driving offenses you have committed.

In D.C., there are different categories for drunk driving. DWI applies to drivers who have a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. Those arrested for DUI have a BAC of .07 or lower, and a police officer has observed signs of impairment.

A Washington, D.C., DUI attorney can help you understand the implications of your arrest and help you come up with the right DUI defense for your case.

Finding the Right Washington, D.C., DUI Lawyer

If you have never been arrested for DUI or DWI before, you will need to find a lawyer to represent you. You will want someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and affordable. You also need someone you trust and who understands your goals in your case.

First, consider personal recommendations. If you know of someone who has been in a similar situation and who had a good Washington, D.C., DUI attorney, that is a valuable resource. However, you should remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A lawyer who comes highly recommended may not necessarily be one you are comfortable with or who shares your strategy and goals.

If you don’t have any recommendations, or you would like one or two more attorneys to interview before hiring one, you can also use a web site like To begin, either fill out the form on this site or call 1-877-913-7222. You will be connected with one or more lawyers who have experience with D.C. drunk driving cases. You can contact the lawyer directly, or the attorney will reach out to you within two business days.

Once you have the names of Washington, D.C., DUI lawyers, you should meet with each one for an initial consultation. This preliminary meeting is your opportunity to get to know the lawyer, familiarize him with your case and ultimately decide whether you want to hire the attorney to represent you.

At your initial consultations, bring all the relevant information you have, including the arrest report, court documents, the names and contact information of potential witnesses and anything else that could be important.

Hiring an attorney can be an emotional process, so be sure to write down a list of questions to ask each Washington D.C. DUI attorney you meet. You will want to find out their educational background, how much experience they have with drunk driving cases, what type of strategy they might recommend and how much they charge.

Attorneys can charge by the hour or on a flat-fee basis. Different lawyers will charge different rates, depending on their years of experience, where they went to school, where their offices are and many other factors. So be sure you understand their rates. Take notes, so you don’t have to try to remember everything that was discussed.

After you meet with several attorneys, you can decide which Washington, D.C., DUI lawyer will be the best one to represent you in your drunk driving case.