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Dog Bites & Animal Attacks
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Nevada Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

It may seem logical that dog owners should be liable for injuries their dogs cause to other people. But dog bite laws vary by state, and they are not always favorable to victims. If you have been bitten by a dog in the state of Nevada, it is wise to partner with a lawyer who knows the nuances of dog bite laws in that state. Nevada attorneys deal with dog bite cases every day.

What Does Nevada Law Say About Dog Attacks?

Nevada is one of a number of states that does not have an official dog bite statute. In such states, the "one-bite" rule is assumed. Under this law, dog owners are only liable if their dogs are known to be dangerous. The most obvious example would be that the dog bit someone before—thus the phrase "one bite."

Nevada law defines a dog as:

  • "Dangerous" if it has behaved menacingly, without being provoked, on two separate occasions within 18 months
  • "Provoked" if it is tormented or subjected to pain
  • "Vicious" if it kills or inflicts substantial bodily harm on a person without being provoked or if it continues "dangerous" behavior after authorities have notified the owner that the dog has been deemed dangerous

Exceptions are made for dogs who behave defensively toward those in the act of committing a crime. Dogs that are used during the commission of a crime can also be deemed dangerous.

It is a misdemeanor in Nevada to keep a dog for more than seven days, or to transfer ownership of it, once it has been deemed vicious. It is a Class D felony if a dog known to be vicious attacks and substantially harms another person.

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