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Dog Bites & Animal Attacks
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Colorado Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

The dog going after the mail carrier is an age-old joke. But animal bites are no laughing matter. Sharp teeth can tear through skin, muscle, and other tissues. Wounds can become infected. And you may suffer emotional distress. If your injuries keep you out of work, you may lose wages, too. With the help of a Colorado animal attack attorney, you may be able to collect compensation for your losses.

Are Dog Owners Liable for All Dog Bites in Colorado?

Colorado law holds dog owners strictly liable only for bites that cause serious bodily injury or death. It does not matter if the incident took place on public or private property, or if the dog was known to be dangerous.

An owner is not liable if:

  • The victim was unlawfully on the premises where the incident occurred.
  • The attack occurred on the dog owner’s property, and there are signs that clearly state, “No trespassing” or “Beware of dog.”
  • The victim provoked the dog.
  • The victim works with animals, such as in veterinary health or as a trainer, groomer, or similar occupation, and the incident occurred during an interaction with the dog.
  • The animal is a hunting, herding, farm, ranch, or predator control dog on the property, or under control, of its owner.

If you have been bitten by a dog in Colorado, it is crucial to speak with a lawyer who knows how dog bite laws work in your state.

What Damages Can Dog Bite Victims Collect?

In Colorado, dog bite victims can sue only for economic damages, such as medical bills or lost wages. You cannot sue for pain and suffering, inconvenience, or the like. Attorneys who deal with these types of cases can help quantify your losses to help get you the best dog bite settlement or court award possible.

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Dog owners are legally responsible for their pets’ actions. If you have been the victim of an animal bite or attack, you may be entitled to compensation. Call now to speak with a Colorado animal bites attorney at 877-913-7222.