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Dog Bites & Animal Attacks
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Arkansas Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Dog bites are a serious matter. They can cause severe injury and emotional trauma. They also can lead to missed work and other losses. If someone else's dog has bitten you, you may wonder if you have grounds for a lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances of the attack, that answer may be yes. An Arkansas dog bite attorney can help you collect the damages you deserve.

Arkansas Dog Bite Laws

Arkansas does not have a statewide dog bite statute. Individual counties may have strict liability laws on the books. Statewide, however, the one-bite rule is assumed. This means a dog owner is only liable if the dog has a known propensity for violent behavior. The most obvious example would be that the dog has bitten someone before.

While there is no state civil dog bite law, you may be able to press criminal charges. It is a misdemeanor to negligently allow a vicious dog to hurt someone. The court can award payment of the victim’s medical bills.

What to Expect in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

If you decide to file a lawsuit, you will need to build a case. Your attorney may ask for:

  • Photos of your injuries, taken as soon as possible after the occurrence
  • Any items damaged in the attack, such as clothing or shoes that were torn or bitten through
  • Copies of your medical records
  • Copies of your medical bills

You may also need to give a deposition—a statement you give, under oath, detailing what happened. You may be asked about personal details such as:

  • Your work history
  • Any prior criminal records
  • Places you have lived

Your attorney may try to negotiate a settlement before taking the matter to trial.

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Not all animal encounters are friendly. If you have been injured by someone else’s dog, the owner may owe you for your losses. Put your case in the hands of a legal pro who deals with cases like yours every day. Call now to speak with an Arkansas dog attacks attorney at 877-913-7222.