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Selecting the Best Divorce Attorney for Your Case

Hiring a divorce attorney is a serious undertaking because your lawyer will serve as your guide, advocate, advisor and negotiator during your divorce proceedings. Your friends or family may tell you they know the best divorce attorney around, but the fact is, the best divorce attorney for you is a lawyer you trust and respect.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is a bit like hiring an accountant or financial advisor. You want to ask the lawyer a lot of questions to ensure that you're comfortable with the attorney's knowledge, experience and approach to divorce law.

Friends and family may have already suggested the names of divorce lawyers you should consider hiring. But if you're looking for additional names of additional divorce attorneys who may be able to help you, then you've come to the right place. offers a service to help connect you with divorce lawyers in your area.

To begin the process, call us at 1-877-913-7222 or complete the form on our site. We'll ask some simple questions, then we'll supply you with the name and contact information of a divorce attorney in your area who may be able to help you. This lawyer will contact you within two business days, or you can contact him or her at your convenience.

Before hiring an attorney, meet with him or her for an initial consultation to discuss your case. Here are some things to talk about to ensure you hire the best divorce attorney for your case.

Learn about Their Experience & Background

Ask about the attorney's professional background.

  • What college and law school did he or she attend?
  • How long have they been practicing divorce law?
  • Is that the only type of legal work they handle?

Who Would Handle Your Case?

Don't assume that the lawyer you're meeting with will be the only person working on your case. Your divorce attorney may also work with other lawyers within the law firm or outside experts. Ask who will be on your legal team.

  • What are each person's qualifications, and what will their role be?
  • Who will be responsible for managing your case?
  • Who will be responsible for day-to-day work on your case?
  • Who will represent you in court and in settlement negotiations?

Talk About Legal Fees

Talk to the attorney about how much your case will realistically cost, and be honest about your budget. A good divorce attorney should be able to provide you with an estimate of your legal costs.

  • What is the attorney's hourly billing rate?
  • What other fees and expenses are you likely to incur?
  • How frequently will you be billed?
  • When will payment be due?

Discuss Objectives, Goals and Strategies

Come to the initial consultation prepared to give the lawyer an overview of your divorce and your family and financial situation.

  • What kinds of assets do you and your spouse own jointly and individually?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you expect a civil divorce or are you gearing up for a fight?
  • What kind of divorce settlement do you want?

Once you've described the situation to the lawyer, ask how he or she would approach your divorce. What would his or her strategy be?

Making a Decision

After you've had a chance to meet with the attorney, you'll need to decide whether he or she is the right person for your case. Consider the answer to your questions, and whether you'd feel comfortable entrusting your divorce to this attorney. Can you afford the legal fees? If you agree with the lawyer's approach and feel as if you can trust the attorney, then you may well have found the right divorce attorney for you!