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How to Select an Annulment Lawyer

While an annulment has some very different legal and religious ramifications compared to a divorce, an annulment is still a complicated legal procedure, and you would benefit from having an annulment lawyer representing you.

If you have friends or family members who have had their marriages annulled, you may have received recommendations of annulment lawyers who can represent you. But if you are looking for the names of additional lawyers, or if you don't know any lawyers who handle annulments, you've come to the right place. offers a service that can connect you with annulment attorneys in your area.

The Interview Process

The decision to hire a particular lawyer is a serious one. You are putting your trust and confidence in this attorney, so it pays to do your research and ask a lot of questions before deciding to hire a specific lawyer.

Once youve connected with an annulment lawyer, you can make an appointment for an initial consultation by phone or in person. This is your opportunity to get to know the attorney, learn more about his or her experience and get a sense of the strategy he or she would suggest for handling your case.

Before your meeting, you should take some time to make notes that briefly outline your case, including your reason for seeking an annulment, as well as details about you and your spouse's assets and information about any child custody issues that need to be resolved. Also, take the time to make a list of questions you'd like the attorney to answer during your preliminary meeting.

Among the questions to consider asking:

  • What kind of experience do you have handling issues similar to mine?
  • Do you have experience representing clients seeking annulments?
  • What is your assessment of my case?
  • How would you handle an annulment like mine?
  • Do you have the time to represent me?
  • How much do you estimate it will cost to resolve my issue, including your fees and other costs?

Selecting an Annulment Lawyer

After you've met with one or more annulment lawyers, take the time to review your meetings. Was there one lawyer who stood out among the others? Can you afford to pay his or her fees? Do you feel comfortable with the advice provided? Is this someone you would trust to represent you in your annulment? An annulment is a serious legal issue, and you want to hire an attorney you are confident will do a good job with your case.