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How to Find a Portland Divorce Attorney

If you and your spouse have tried and tried to work out your differences, but you simply can’t, it’s time to talk to a Portland divorce attorney.

But how can you find one? And even more importantly, how can you find the right one?

We can help.

Before you make a move, it may help to think about the qualities you would want in your Portland divorce attorney, You probably want someone with a lot of experience handling divorces and sound advice. Reasonable legal fees are important, too.

But what demeanor should your lawyer have? Are you and your spouse likely to fight over the division of marital property? Over custody of the children? Over child support or alimony? If so, you probably want a Portland divorce who has a reputation for fighting hard on behalf of his clients.

On the other hand, if you and your spouse are in complete agreement on all or almost all of the major issues – or don’t have children or much property to divide – then a more calm-natured attorney with a good grasp of Oregon divorce law is what you really need.

Keep these qualities in mind as you seek out the right lawyer for you.

Finding a Portland Divorce Attorney

It may surprise you to learn you already have several sources for finding a Portland divorce attorney. You can ask around your circle of friends, family members and acquaintances. Someone is sure to have had a divorce, or at the very least, know a divorce lawyer.

If you do know people who have hired a divorce attorney in Portland, you want to know how they liked their attorney. Was the lawyer knowledgeable about the law? Did he work hard? Did he get results? Can your friend wholeheartedly recommend the attorney?

If your friends come up empty, you need another name for your list or you’d rather not discuss your crumbling marriage, another resource is We offer a service that can connect you to a divorce lawyer near you.

When you’re ready to begin the process, call us at 1-877-913-7222 or complete the short form on this website. We’ll have a few questions for you. Then, whether you are in Madison South, Woodstock or any other part of the city, we will forward the name and contact information of at least one divorce lawyer near you.

Feel free to contact the lawyer directly, or the attorney will get back to you within two business days.

Meeting Portland Divorce Lawyers

Having a good recommendation is not enough. With such an important legal matter as filing divorce, you’ll want to meet your potential lawyers to figure out which one is best for you.

Fortunately, many divorce attorneys in Portland are willing to sit down and chat with you briefly in a first meeting called an initial consultation. These meetings can be very productive. You can:

  • Find out how much experience a lawyer has in handling Portland divorces
  • Discuss your situation and possible legal strategies
  • Decide whether you want to hire this lawyer

To prepare for your first meeting with Portland divorce attorneys, think about some questions you’d like to ask. Focus on topics that will help you with your hiring decision. An example would be questions about the attorneys’ background, such as how many divorces they have handled or how they stay on top of the changes in the law.

Explain your situation and get some feedback on how easy or difficult it might be for you to walk away from the marriage with the goals you have set for yourself.

And don’t forget to ask about the attorneys’ fees and how much the divorce might cost you in legal fees and expenses.

Write these questions down and take them to your initial consultations. Also pack some extra paper and a pen, so you can record the answers and any notes you want to take.

Selecting Your Portland Divorce Attorney

After you have met with the Portland divorce attorneys on your list, it’s time to select one to represent you. Maybe you only met with one, but the two of you hit it off and you have full confidence in this lawyer. Your search is successfully completed.

If you have several strong candidates and are having a tough time choosing, ask them for the contact information of several former clients. Ask the clients the same kind of questions suggested above for friends who may have hired a divorce attorney in the past.

Their first-hand feedback should help you focus on the very best Portland divorce attorney for you. Once you have hired your lawyer, you can move forward with your divorce.