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How to Find a Cleveland Divorce Attorney

If your marriage is ending, you need the help of a Cleveland divorce attorney. Divorce proceedings affect your personal and financial future, and you’ll reach the best outcome with the expert advice and representation of a lawyer.

You can find Cleveland divorce attorneys in Lakewood, Solon and throughout the metropolitan area, but there’s more to it than simply finding a lawyer. You need to find the right lawyer for you, and this article will show you how.

Locating a Cleveland Divorce Attorney

People you know may be able to recommend divorce attorneys in Cleveland. If your friends or family members have been through a divorce, ask them about their attorneys. Were they happy with their lawyers, and would they use them again? Their recommendations can lead you to the right attorney. is another excellent way to find divorce attorneys in Cleveland. Simply fill out the online form, or call at 1-877-913-7222. Answer a few quick questions, and you’ll be connected with one or more Cleveland divorce attorneys near you. They will contact you within two business days, or you can call them at your convenience.

The Initial Consultation

The next step is to meet with each Cleveland divorce attorney on your list. Your first meeting is called an initial consultation. During the consultation, you’ll explain your situation and learn about the attorney. The first meeting is usually free, so you can get to know a lawyer without any risk.

The information you get will help you decide if you want to hire the attorney, and you’ll learn the most if you’re prepared. Before your meeting, put together a list of your property, financial assets and other important information, so the lawyer has a complete picture of your divorce.

It’s also important to make a list of questions before your meeting. There are several topics that will help you decide if the attorney is a good choice. You should discuss:

  • The lawyer’s experience as a Cleveland divorce attorney
  • The lawyer’s knowledge of the courts, judges and other Cleveland divorce attorneys you may encounter
  • Your legal strategy and options
  • Legal fees, costs and expenses

While you learn about the lawyer’s professional qualities, take note of your impressions. The attorney you hire should also be a good personal fit for you.

  • Does the lawyer make you feel comfortable?
  • Does he explain legal issues and options clearly?
  • Do you feel you have a good working relationship?

Choosing Among Cleveland Divorce Attorneys

Once you’ve interviewed each attorney on your list, it’s time to make a decision. If you’ve found a Cleveland divorce attorney with the right combination of professional and personal qualities, you’re ready to hire.

If you’re having trouble with the decision, talk again with the attorneys you’re considering. Ask follow-up questions or see if the lawyers can provide client references. Many attorneys will put you in touch with former clients, and their opinions and experiences with an attorney may point you in the right direction.

When you feel well-informed and comfortable with your choice of divorce attorneys in Cleveland, move forward with your case.