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How to Find Chicago Divorce Lawyers

If you've reached the point where your marriage has no hope of being saved, it's time to start searching for qualified Chicago divorce lawyers. No matter if you and your spouse aren't speaking or if you have remained friendly, you'll benefit from having a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to advise you on divorce and Chicago requirements related to the process. As you begin exploring, you'll discover that Chicago has many divorce lawyers for you to choose from. Use this article to help you find the right one for your case.

Finding Chicago Divorce Lawyers

How would you begin your search for any professional? If you're like most people, you ask those you trust for recommendations. You'll most likely know if relatives, friends, co-workers or anyone else whose opinion you value has had personal experience with Chicago divorce lawyers. If they allow you to, ask your contacts detailed questions to find out their overall impression of their lawyer, what they liked and didn't like, and if they thought the lawyer's costs were reasonable. Understand, though, that each divorce is different—for example, your contact's divorce may have been ugly and difficult while yours is a Chicago uncontested divorce—and you therefore have to decide if the lawyer is right for your situation.

You can also be connected with Chicago divorce attorney through Call 1-877-913-7222 to get started, or fill out the form on this site. You'll answer a few questions, and then will give you contact information for one or more lawyers in your area. The lawyers will contact you within two business days, or you may call them at your convenience.

What to Look for in Chicago Divorce Lawyers

Once you have several attorneys to consider, you must narrow your list to the one you feel will represent you best in the divorce and Chicago area court system. Your task is to learn everything you can about the attorneys by asking them questions during your initial consultations. Initial consultations are, in effect, interviews that help you determine if you want to hire a specific lawyer. They also help the lawyer decide if he'd want to represent you. Divorce lawyers typically offer initial consultations at no charge, but you'll want to confirm that when you schedule each appointment.

Walking into your initial consultations unprepared will make your task harder than it should be. To get ready, gather any documents that are related to your case. These include a prenuptial agreement (if you and your spouse have one), deeds and mortgages for any property you and your spouse own, financial and insurance documents, and anything else that will give the attorney more details about your case.

You'll also want to put together a list of questions to ask the Chicago divorce lawyers. Making a list to bring with you ensures you won't forget to ask any important questions. Be sure to cover topics including:

  • Background and education
  • Length of time in practice
  • Experience with divorce cases similar to yours
  • Fees and expenses
  • Your legal options (which will be different for a Chicago uncontested divorce and one where you and your spouse aren't cooperating)
  • Any other questions that will shed light on the lawyers' character and how they practice

Write down the answers so you can refer to them during your final decision-making process.

Choosing the Right Chicago Divorce Attorney

After you've wrapped up your initial consultations, you'll enter into the final decision-making phase, with an ultimate goal of selecting one Chicago divorce attorney to represent you. Review your notes and see if one lawyer stands out. If you feel the same about two or more of the lawyers, call them and ask for references. Talking to others who've navigated a divorce and the Chicago courts with these lawyers will give you additional insight.

Adding up everything you've learned about these lawyers will help you make an informed selection and begin the divorce process.