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How to Get a Quick Divorce: Know Your Options

The notion of a divorce as a long, expensive and contentious affair has faded somewhat in recent decades. The spread of no-fault divorce, for example, has made proving wrongdoing on the part of one spouse largely a thing of the past in most states. And many partners are deciding that amicable and mutually-agreed-to divorce terms are both emotionally and financially preferable to a nasty court fight. If youve considered the pros and cons of divorce, and have decided to move forward toward dissolving your marriage, here are tips for how to get a quick divorce.

Steps to Get a Quick Divorce

Step One: Come to agreement about the terms of your divorce.  Decide in advance who will get the house, the cars and anything else of value, as well as any custody issues involving children. When there is no dispute over shared assets of child custody, it considerably speeds the divorce process.

Step Two: If your spouse is likely to contest the divorce, separate as soon as possible.  A contested divorce can take years. But in many states, a quick divorce will be granted if the couple has been living apart for a certain amount of time. Check your states divorce laws for those requirements.

Step Three: File for a no-fault divorce.  A no-fault divorce absolves either spouse of any responsibility for the end of the marriage and avoids having to prove wrongdoing such as adultery, abuse or mental cruelty.

Step Four: Hire an attorney even if you and your spouse have agreed to terms.  Many people believe that hiring a lawyer protracts the divorce process and opt instead for a do-it-yourself divorce. In fact, a divorce attorney can speed the process by avoiding simple mistakes and pushing your paperwork through the court system. If you and your spouse have agreed to terms and dont contest aspects of the process, many attorneys offer favorable rates for the savings in time and effort.