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How to Hire an Atlanta Divorce Attorney

If you, your spouse or both of you have decided it’s time to end your marriage, you may need the services of an Atlanta divorce attorney. Even if you and your spouse are still on good terms, it’s helpful to have an experienced professional to guide you through the emotional and often-complex divorce process. The attorney can help you with technical steps such as filing divorce papers. Atlanta has many divorce attorneys for you to choose from, and with the guidance of this article you should be able to find the right one to represent you.

How to Find an Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Begin your search for an Atlanta divorce attorney as you would a search for any other kind of professional: Ask for recommendations.

Check with your relatives, friends, co-workers or anyone else with whom you have a close and trusting relationship to see if they’ve had personal experience with an Atlanta divorce attorney. If so, follow up with specific questions to determine what they liked and didn’t like about the lawyer, if they thought the legal fees were reasonable, and if they think you’d be compatible with this attorney. Realize, though, that every case is different—theirs may have been an uncontested Atlanta divorce, for instance, while yours is not—and you therefore will need to decide if the lawyer is a good match for your situation.

Another good way to get leads on an Atlanta divorce attorney is to use Call 1-877-913-7222, or fill out the form on the site. After you answer a few quick questions, will provide you with contact information for at least one local attorney for you to consider. The attorneys will contact you within two business days, but if you want to speak to them sooner, you can call them at your convenience.

What to Look for in an Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Once you’ve got your list of attorneys, your job is to select the best one to work on your case. You’ll want to examine several factors, including experience, knowledge, fees and personality. The way to learn everything you need to know about the attorneys is to ask them questions during an initial consultation. An initial consultation is basically an interview that allows you to figure out if you want to hire a lawyer. It also enables the lawyer to decide whether he’d want to take your case, if given the opportunity. Divorce lawyers typically do not charge for an initial consultation, but be sure to confirm that when scheduling each appointment.

You have some work to do before your initial consultations. First, collect any paperwork that is relevant to your case. This includes a prenuptial agreement (if you have one), financial and insurance documents, deeds and mortgages for any property you and your spouse own and anything else that would help the divorce lawyer understand your case.

Second, you’ll want to jot down a list of questions to ask each Atlanta divorce attorney. Your list should cover the topics of:

  • Background and education
  • Experience with cases similar to yours
  • Length of time in practice
  • Fees and expenses
  • Your legal options (which will be different for an Atlanta uncontested divorce and one where you and your spouse aren’t cooperating)
  • Any other questions that will help you understand who the lawyer is and how he practices

Take notes on everything you and the lawyers discuss in the meetings; your notes will be an important tool for helping you decide on a lawyer.

Choosing the Atlanta Divorce Attorney Who’s Right for You

Once you’ve finished all of your initial consultations, you’ll be ready to select one Atlanta divorce attorney to represent you. Review your notes and see who best meets your needs. If you feel you need additional information, ask the lawyers for references. You may find it helpful to talk to other people who’ve worked with these lawyers to file divorce papers—Atlanta, like any other big city, has seen its share of failed marriages, and it’s important to know how helpful these lawyers were to their clients during their divorce process.

Combining all of the information you’ve learned about each lawyer will help you make an informed hiring decision and begin the divorce process.