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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tallahassee Divorce Attorney

If you live in the Tallahassee area and are planning on dissolving your marriage, you should consider hiring a Tallahassee divorce attorney. Having legal representation throughout the divorce process can help ensure your proceeding goes as smoothly as possible.

Not all Tallahassee divorce attorneys are the same. You must do some work to find a lawyer who is right for you, which will depend on a number of factors, including the specifics of your case. For example, if your divorce involves child custody matters, you will probably want to hire a Leon County divorce attorney who has experience handling child custody-related matters.

Whether you live in Killearn Lakes, Summerbrook, or other parts of the greater Tallahassee area, you should prepare a list of questions to ask your prospective divorce attorney to make sure he or she is a good fit for you.

Background Questions for a Tallahassee Divorce Attorney

When you prepare to meet with a lawyer, you should be interested in the attorney's background. The more experience the lawyer has handling cases like yours, the more likely he or she will be better suited to represent you. The following are some background questions you should consider asking a prospective divorce attorney:

  • What school did you attend to obtain your law degree? What year did you graduate?
  • Do you mainly focus on divorce cases? Have you ever handled any cases that were similar to mine? How many divorce cases have you handled in the last year?
  • Do you have any experience with spousal support or child custody matters?
  • Do you have any other experience that I should know about or that may be relevant to my case?

Questions About Your Case

It is a good idea to bring relevant documentation and information to your meeting so that your attorney can make a thorough assessment. You might want to consider bringing information that pertains to the specifics of your marriage, such as whether your spouse currently shares custody of any minor children. You may also want to bring financial statements and pay stubs to give your potential divorce attorney a sense of your financial situation.

After the attorney has had a chance to review some of this documentation, you will want to ask questions about the specifics of your case. First, this will help your attorney make an initial assessment of your case, and second, it will help answer any questions you may have about your divorce proceeding. The following are some examples of questions you should consider asking the lawyer:

  • What potential problems do you foresee that could negatively impact the outcome of my divorce proceeding? Is there anything you see that could possibly delay the outcome?
  • Do you believe we'll have to go to trial?
  • If you had to estimate, how long do you think my divorce will take?
  • What method do you use to charge your clients? If you charge an hourly rate, how much do you charge? When do you require payment to be made?
  • Are there any other fees or expenses I'm going to have to pay besides your legal fees?
  • Will I be working with other personnel within your office? Are you the person I should contact if I have a question?
  • How quickly do you respond to questions? Is it best to contact you by phone or e-mail?

Ending the Consultation

When you are nearing the end of the consultation with the Tallahassee divorce attorney, review your list of questions to make sure there are none you have neglected to ask. Don't be afraid to ask the attorney any question you may have. You should be able to trust the lawyer you end up working with.

Finally, leave your contact information with the attorney, including all phone numbers where you can be reached and your e-mail address.