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Punta Gorda Divorce Mediation Information

If youre looking to get a divorce in Punta Gorda, divorce mediation is one stop along the way that might fast-track you to the end of the process.

Mediation is a meeting between you, your spouse, and your attorneys, led by a neutral third-party mediator. The mediator guides the conversation and tries to facilitate mutually acceptable agreements.

An agreement on all or a portion of the issues is prepared by the mediator and signed by the spouses. That agreement is forwarded to the assigned judge, whose signature then turns it into a court order, according to the 20th Judicial Circuit Court. The 20th Circuit covers five counties, including Charlotte. There is a courthouse in Punta Gorda.

If you are not able to reach an agreement on some or all issues, you will have to take them before a judge, who will make the decisions for you. So mediation is a way for you to keep control over your future after the divorce.

Who Uses Punta Gorda Divorce Mediation?

Family law judges in Punta Gorda will require mandatory divorce mediation if just one of the following conditions is met:

  • You have a child under the age of 18 or one on the way
  • Either you or your spouse doesnt want a divorce
  • You and your spouse do not agree on all the terms of the divorce

You are well advised to take your Punta Gorda lawyer with you into divorce mediation. That is because mediators are not allowed to dispense legal advice. Only your attorney can do that.

Whats Discussed in Divorce Mediation?

Although the circumstances and personalities of each divorce are different, generally, all divorce negotiations are centered around the following topics:

  • How to divide the property and debt
  • Whether one spouse will pay alimony, or spousal support, to the other
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support

All of these topics are covered in mediation, if necessary. During mediation, each spouse will be allowed to explain his or her side of the case and how they would like the issues resolved. Through the negotiation process, the mediator works with the spouses to find common ground and suggest possible solutions to their differences.

Punta Gorda Divorce Mediation Process

From the point a judge in Charlotte County orders a couple to divorce mediation, they have 10 days to find a mediator. The Supreme Court of Florida must certify all mediators. The Florida Supreme Courts Dispute Resolution Center provides names of certified mediators. If a divorcing couple cannot agree upon a mediator, the court will appoint one for them.

Whether you are from Punta Gorda Isles or Burnt Store Isles or any other part of Punta Gorda, if you believe divorce mediation negotiations holds a lot of promise, you may want to try a collaborative mediation. In a collaborative mediation, you hire attorneys just for the mediation. If the talks fail, you then hire new attorneys to represent you in court. This allows for the collaborative attorneys to just focus on the mediation and not simultaneously plan for trial.