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How to Hire an Orlando Divorce Lawyer

If you feel your marriage can never be repaired, it’s time to talk to an Orlando divorce lawyer. This article will explain how you can find one.

The process to finding a good attorney is not hard. You simply:

  • Get some names of Orlando divorce lawyers
  • Interview them
  • Select the best one for you

Let’s discuss these steps in more detail.

Gathering Names of Orlando Divorce Attorneys

Among your circle of friends, family members and acquaintances, there is sure to be somebody – probably more than one – who has gotten a divorce. Ask them if they can recommend their attorneys. Get specific with them by asking:

  • Did your lawyer give you good advice?
  • Did your lawyer work hard?
  • Did you get the results you wanted?
  • Would you change anything if you could?
  • Were the lawyer’s legal fees fair?

If you’re reluctant to discuss your marital problems with people you know, you have another resource in We offer a service that can connect you with a divorce attorney near you, wherever you are in Orlando.

When you’re ready, call us at 1-877-913-7222 or complete the short form at this website. We’ll have a few questions for you. Then, whether you are in Ferncreek or Lake Weldona or any other part of Orlando, we’ll forward the name and number for at least one divorce attorney near you.

You may contact the attorney yourself, or he will follow up with you within two business days.

Preparing to Meet Orlando Divorce Lawyers

The next step in the process is to meet the divorce lawyers you’re considering hiring. Most divorce lawyers in Orlando make themselves available for brief, introductory meetings called initial consultations. At these first meetings, you can:

  • Learn about an attorney’s background
  • Discuss your options and strategies for handling your divorce
  • Determine whether this is the lawyer you want to hire
  • You’ll make the most of your time at an initial consultation if you bring with you some questions you’d like to ask. If you write them down and bring them with you, you’re sure to remember everything you wanted to ask.

    Don’t forget to bring some extra paper and a pen. You’ll want to take notes and record the answers to your questions. It’s also helpful to jot down any impressions you have, especially if you’re meeting with several lawyers. In this way, you’ll have accurate recall of each attorney you meet.

    The Orlando divorce attorneys you meet will also find it helpful if you bring along paperwork documenting your finances, both the property you own and debts you share with your spouse. In a divorce, both the debts and the property are divided between the separating spouses.

    Selecting an Orlando Divorce Lawyer

    After you have met with all the Orlando divorce lawyers on your list, it is time to choose one. Some attributes are easy to compare, such as experience and legal fees. Other qualities are more like feelings: Which attorney put you most at ease? Which one seemed most compatible with your personality? Who seemed most trustworthy?

    If you are having trouble choosing among several qualified candidates, ask them for the names and contact information for a few former clients. Call them and ask them the same kinds of questions listed above for friends who may have had a referral for you. First-hand feedback is almost always invaluable.

    Once you have hired your very best pick for an Orlando divorce attorney, you are ready to move forward with your divorce.