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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Washington, D.C., Divorce Lawyer

Do you need a Washington, D.C., divorce lawyer? If you are thinking of filing for divorce or are in the midst of a divorce, you need to have an experienced family law attorney on your side. You may have never hired a divorce lawyer before, but if you ask a lot of questions, you can find the right one to represent you.

A divorce is an emotionally difficult process, and you can take many different approaches. So can your soon-to-be ex. Consider that in a District of Columbia divorce, marital property is divided “equitably,” not necessarily equally. You need an experienced D.C. divorce lawyer to make sure you get what you are entitled to, or that your former spouse only gets what he is entitled to.

Meeting with a D.C. Divorce Lawyer

Your first step to finding the right lawyer is the initial consultation. This is your chance to ask Washington, D.C. divorce lawyers questions and decide if he shares your attitude and approach. The goal of this meeting is to decide whether to hire the lawyer, and the best way to determine that is by asking a lot of questions.

Bring a list of questions to the initial consultation, along with something you can use to take notes. Be sure to ask about several different topics of your D.C. divorce.

Background and Experience:

  • When did you begin practicing family law?
  • How many cases divorce cases have you handled?
  • Will you handle my case, or will someone else at the law firm do it?
  • Do you belong to the District of Columbia Bar or any other bar associations and professional groups?

Tactics and Approaches:

  • How long do you think my divorce proceeding will take?
  • What strategy would you recommend for handling my divorce?
  • What options do I have if my divorce is not proceeding amicably?
  • If my ex may be hiding assets, what can we do?

Child Support, Child Custody and Alimony:

  • If we have minor children, how much child support will I receive from my ex, or how much could I have to pay in child support?
  • What type of child custody arrangements are available?
  • Am I entitled to alimony, or could my ex request alimony?

Billing Arrangements and Rates:

  • What are your billing arrangements?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Does that include filing fees, courts costs and any other expenses?
  • Considering my specific situation, how much could my D.C. divorce cost?

After the initial consultation with a Washington, D.C., divorce lawyer, it’s your turn to ask some questions of yourself.

  • Did the lawyer make you feel comfortable?
  • Did the lawyer seem to understand you and your situation?
  • Can you afford the costs and fees the lawyer charges?

If you are still questioning whether this is the right lawyer to handle your divorce proceeding, ask more questions. Contact references and get a sense of the attorney’s style, approach and effectiveness from a client.

You need a family law attorney who can help you through the emotional divorce process. By asking a lot of questions, you can find the right Washington, D.C., divorce attorney to handle your case.