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Considerations When Retaining a Divorce Attorney for Men

Men going through a divorce experience the same emotions as their spouses: anger, resentment, frustration, and perhaps a desire to get even. Maintaining a reasonable and measured approach to the situation is essential, and there are careful considerations to bear in mind when retaining a divorce attorney for men.

Is a Male Divorce Attorney Best for Men?

One of the considerations is whether a man is more suited to represent a man in a dissolution or custody proceeding. If you are male and feel more comfortable talking to a man, then you should seriously consider this, but it should not be the determining factor. Other considerations in retaining a divorce attorney for men include:

  • How experienced is the attorney in handling your particular issues, such as custody or property distribution where there are valuable assets?
  • How knowledgeable is the attorney about the custody and property distribution laws and policies in your state and county?
  • Does the attorney see both sides of the issues or is he or she focused solely in demonstrating that men are discriminated against in divorce cases?

What Advice are You Getting?

Attorneys in similar cases give different advice to their clients. Does the advice given you sound like generic advice that anyone getting a divorce might receive, or has the attorney listened to your concerns as a man going through a difficult time? An attorney experienced in male issues in a difficult and contested divorce may advise that you:

  • Shut down your social media profile(s).
  • Open a separate bank account and other separate accounts for your investments.
  • Be honest with what is considered marital property or that which will probably be divided equally and try to divide it now.
  • Cancel all credit cards held jointly with your spouse.
  • Be honest with your children and explain to them what is happening.
  • Make all efforts to work out a visitation schedule, recognizing that very young children usually remain with the mother most of the time.
  • If a child has special needs, be proactive in seeking programs that can assist you and your spouse in getting government services, especially if you and your spouse are low-income or having financial problems.

Retain the Best Divorce Attorney For You

The ultimate consideration in retaining a divorce attorney for men is how confident you are with your attorney and if he or she is sensitive to the needs and rights of men in custody issues and in divorce generally. You want a strong advocate for you, but also one who is committed to the best interests of your children first, and then to resolving your other issues quickly, amicably, and to your reasonable satisfaction.