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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

In a divorce proceeding, the Los Angeles divorce attorney you hire can make a big difference in how things turns out for you. When choosing a lawyer to represent you, you need to consider the type of experience the lawyer has and the kind of advice and guidance he provides. This article will explain the factors you should consider when trying to decide which lawyer is right for you.

Finding a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

You need to go through a few steps before you are in a position to decide on a lawyer. First, you need to get the name of one or more L.A. divorce lawyers. You can start by asking friends, family and other people you know for a recommendation. Remember, though, that your situation may be different from other people’s. The approach that you and your spouse or domestic partner decide on will also make a difference. For example, a summary dissolution or uncontested divorce may call for a different set of skills from your lawyer than one where you and your ex are having trouble agreeing on how to divide up assets or share child custody.

You can also use a site like to find the name or names of attorneys throughout the L.A. area, whether you live in Orange County, Beverly Hills or Long Beach. By filling out the form on this page or by calling 1-877-913-7222 and providing a few simple pieces of information, you will receive the name and contact information for a lawyer who handles Los Angeles divorces. You can contact the lawyer directly, or the attorney will reach out to you within two business days.

Then, you can schedule an initial consultation with the attorney. This meeting is your opportunity to ask questions, listen to what the lawyer says and decide whether or not this is the person to hire.

Things to Think About

There are a lot of things to consider when you hire an attorney. Your ability to trust your lawyer is extremely important. You need an attorney you feel comfortable with and who supports your goals in your divorce case. But you also need an attorney whose judgment you trust—in a divorce proceeding, it’s hard to remain calm and unemotional, so you need to find an someone who can help you make smart long-term decisions, even when you are angry or upset.

You also need to think about the cost of divorce in Los Angeles. You need to find a lawyer who charges reasonable and fair fees. Lawyers have different billing techniques, and your Los Angeles divorce lawyer may charge by the hour or on a flat-fee basis. Rates can vary quite a bit from one attorney to the next.

Typically, lawyers will charge a flat fee when a case is uncomplicated and they can predict the amount of work that will be involved. If you and your spouse can get along and agree on most of the issues, your attorney may offer a flat-fee cost. But if the two of you disagree or your spouse or partner is being unreasonable, your attorney will probably charge by the hour.

Either way, be sure ask Los Angeles divorce attorneys about their specific rates and any extra costs, such as court filing fees.

Experience matters, too. In a community property state like California, figuring out property and assets can be very different from what it is in other states. So you need a lawyer with experience in California divorce law.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

After the initial consultation, take some time to think about how you felt about the lawyer and the information he gave you. Do you trust the lawyer? Does he have the right experience? Are his fees fair? If you are still not sure, ask his references about their experiences, and then follow up directly with the attorney if you have any more questions.

Once you have considered all these factors, you can choose the Los Angeles divorce attorney who is the best one to represent you.