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How to Pick a San Diego Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be an emotional and legally challenging situation, and it will be much easier if you have a San Diego divorce lawyer at your side. Your lawyer acts as your guide and advocate, explaining the legal process, dealing with your spouse's attorney and fighting for the best divorce terms possible.

If you've never before hired a divorce lawyer, this article will explain the process.

Identify San Diego Divorce Attorneys

The first step in hiring a San Diego divorce lawyer is identifying possible candidates. There are a couple of ways to do this.

If you're comfortable discussing your pending divorce with people you know, ask around to see if anyone can personally recommend a San Diego divorce attorney. These personal recommendations can be invaluable because they enable you to get feedback from someone you know and trust. You can ask your friend:

  • What were the lawyer's strengths and weaknesses?
  • What kind of personality and reputation does he have as a divorce attorney?
  • Were the legal fees reasonable?
  • Does the lawyer have much experience handling San Diego divorces?
  • Would you use the lawyer again, if necessary?

If you don't want to discuss your divorce with people you know, can't get any recommendations or simply want another lawyer to meet, can help you. Simply complete the form on this site, or call us at 1-877-913-7222. After answering a few basic questions, we'll put you in touch with a San Diego divorce lawyer. You can call the lawyer immediately, or he'll contact you within two business days.

Preparing to Meet a San Diego Divorce Lawyer

Most divorce attorneys will meet with potential clients during a preliminary meeting, called an initial consultation. The primary purpose of this meeting is to decide whether you want to hire the lawyer. You can also learn more about the lawyer and his experience, and familiarize him with your situation.

Initial consultations are often free of charge, but confirm this when you call to schedule the appointment.

There are a few things you can do to prepare for the meeting.

You'll want to draw up a list of written questions to ask the lawyer. Focus on topics that help you decide if he's the right person for your divorce case. Topics to address include:

  • The lawyer's experience working on San Diego family law and handling divorce cases
  • The lawyer's assessment of your situation and proposed strategies for handling your divorce
  • How much the lawyer charges and the total expected cost to handle your case

You'll also want to gather and bring copies of documents that may be relevant to your divorce. These would include a prenuptial agreement, if you have one, as well a list of you and your spouse's assets and debts.

Finally, you want to bring paper and a pen so you can take notes during or immediately following the meeting. These notes will help ensure you remember all of the important details discussed during the meeting, and may be useful when it's time to hire an attorney.

During the meeting, you should feel comfortable disclosing confidential information to the lawyer. Even if you end up hiring another attorney, the lawyer cannot reveal anything you told him during the meeting without your approval.

Selecting a San Diego Divorce Lawyer

Once you've had all of your initial consultations, it's time to select a lawyer to hire. Review your notes and think about your impressions of each attorney. Was there one who stood out from the rest? If so, your decision will be an easy one.

if you're still undecided between a couple of attorneys, think back to those qualities that are important in an attorney. Which one best fits your needs in the following areas:

  • Experience
  • Recommended strategy for your divorce
  • Legal fees

Also, think about intangible factors. Which attorney made you feel most comfortable? Was the lawyer patient when answering your questions? Do you feel confident in the lawyer's skills? Asking and answering those questions should point you toward the best San Diego divorce lawyer to handle your case.