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Divorce in Alaska

Before filing to divorce in Alaska, it helps to familiarize yourself with the divorce process, rules and requirements. This article provides a brief overview, but you should hire an Alaska divorce attorney for more detailed information and guidance throughout the process.

Alaska Divorce Basics

Residency Requirement: Either you or your spouse must be an Alaska resident to file for divorce in the state.

Divorce or Dissolution?: In Alaska, you can file for either a dissolution of the marriage (if you and your spouse agree on all major issues) or a divorce (if you have unresolved issues.

Issues Addressed During Divorce: As part of your divorce, you and your spouse will have to divide all assets and debts, reach a child custody decision and agree on child support payments. If both of you, with the help of your Alaska divorce lawyers, are unable to reach an agreement, a judge will make the decisions on your behalf.

Waiting Period: There is a 30-day waiting period between when you file for divorce or dissolution and the when the process is finalized.

Find & Hire an Alaska Divorce Attorney

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