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Discrimination in Kansas

Historically, certain groups of people have experienced job discrimination based on personal characteristics, such as gender or religion, rather than their ability to perform the job. Federal and Kansas law ban employment discrimination. If you think you've been treated differently in the hiring process or while employed with a company, talk to a discrimination attorney or employment lawyer immediately.

When Is Discrimination Illegal?

Federal laws ban employment discrimination based on race/skin color, gender, religion, national origin, genetic information, age (if the worker is at least 40 years old), pregnancy status and disability.

Kansas anti-discrimination laws also ban job discrimination based on these factors, as well as military service or status, and AIDS/HIV status.

Employers cannot treat employees differently because they fall within a particular group. For example, it would be illegal to:

  • Terminate an employee because she is pregnant
  • Post a job advertisement looking for "young men"
  • Give preferential job shifts to employees who are a particular race or religion

If you think you are the victim of job-related discrimination, you should hire an employment discrimination attorney immediately. By law, you must file a complaint within six months from the date of the most recent discriminatory act. Your attorney will guide you through the process of filing a legal claims with either the Kansas Human Rights Commission or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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