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Dealing With Your Employment Discrimination Dispute

More than 24,000 lawsuits involving allegations of discrimination are filed in the federal court every year. The average amount of damages that is awarded in each discrimination lawsuit exceeds over $250,000 in the United States. When you have a discrimination dispute with your employer, the consequences can be devastating for your employer. As a result, most employers try to actually stop employees from bringing these sorts of claims and making them public. To protect an employee from being subjected to this behavior from employers, the EEOC has instituted a confidential way for employees to file discrimination claims against their employers. Hire a discrimination lawyer to help you maintain confidentiality in the claim filing process.

Maintaining Your Confidentiality

If an employee has a claim against his or her employer for discrimination, then the employee should file a claim with the EEOC. Some employees believe that they should first consult the legal department of their place of employment. This can actually be a costly mistake for the employee since legal counsel for corporations often has its own interests at heart. Instead, an employee can submit information to the EEOC. After the EEOC decides that a person has a valid claim, then the EEOC will send additional information regarding the charges to the person's employer.

Choosing Mediation Over Trial

In most cases, an employer does not want to go to trial for a claim that involves discrimination. Trials can be costly for employers who have to hire legal counsel. In addition, trials can go public and turn the public opinion against a corporation that has engaged in discriminatory acts. As a result, mediation is typically the preferred option for employees dealing with discrimination disputes. An employee may even have to choose arbitration as an alternative to trial due to paperwork signed at the outset of employment. Mediation does have some benefits for employees dealing with these disputes, and they are the following:

  • Less costly than litigation
  • Saves time in settling your case
  • Less confrontational than litigation

Working With Mediators

Employment discrimination lawyers typically have a specialty in their legal practice and can partake in mediation disputes. If you have an employment discrimination claim that requires a mediator, then speak with an employment discrimination lawyer today.