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How to Select a Portland Criminal Attorney

A Portland criminal attorney can help a person who’s been charged with a crime or faces conviction. If you’re looking to hire a lawyer, but don’t know how to go about doing it, this article will teach you how to find and choose the attorney who best fits your needs.

Retaining the right attorney to defend you is important. You want a Portland criminal attorney who can assess your case and devise a solid legal strategy. The lawyer should know Oregon criminal laws, the criminal court system and key players in that arena, such as judges and prosecutors.

As a result, you need an experienced Portland criminal lawyer you trust to defend you. The attorney you hire should also charge competitive billing rates.

Finding a Portland Criminal Attorney

If you’ve never hired an attorney before, ask friends, family members or business associates if they could recommend a criminal lawyer. Personal recommendations provide you with great feedback on lawyers and how they work with clients.

If someone provides you with the name of a criminal attorney, ask them questions to ensure the lawyer a good candidate. Questions include:

  • What were the pros and cons of working with the criminal attorney?
  • Did the lawyer create a good defense for your case?
  • Would you recommend the attorney?
  • Does the lawyer charge reasonable rates?

If you’d rather find an attorney on your own, or need just a few more options before selecting an attorney, check out Whether you live in Portland, or in one of the city’s suburbs such as Irvington, Laurelhurst or Alameda, can put you in touch with a criminal defense attorney in your area.

Just complete the online form, or call 1-877-913-7222. After you answer a few questions, we will supply you the name of at least one Portland area criminal attorney. You can call the lawyer directly, or the attorney will touch base with you within two business days.

The Initial Consultation with a Portland Criminal Lawyer

Once you’ve pinpointed at least one criminal lawyer, schedule an initial consultation with him. An initial consultation is a meeting between you and the lawyer. The two of you will discuss the charges against you, your legal options and the lawyer may even propose a strategy for handling your case.

This is also the time to find out about the lawyer’s experience, how he charges for services and determine if you could work the lawyer. The end-goal of the meeting is to decide whether you want to hire the lawyer.

Generally initial consultations are free, but confirm this when making the appointment.

Then prepare for your initial consultation. Collect any documents or relevant information for the lawyer to revue. This includes your police file, arrest record, criminal record, the names of witnesses and their contact information.

Compile a list of questions to ask the lawyer. Asking questions during the initial consultation will help you make a better hiring decision. Questions should focus on a lawyer’s experience, billing rates, legal strategy and assessment of your case, as well as how he would manage your case. If you have any special requirements of the lawyer, now is the time to ask him about them as well.

Lastly, bring writing material to take notes during your consultation.

The Selection Process

After meeting with a few Portland criminal lawyers, review their qualifications before hiring a lawyer. Taking time to assess each lawyer’s qualifications will make you feel more comfortable with your hiring decision.

If you are still undecided about whom to hire, call the references provided. Ask about their experiences with the lawyer.

Once you’ve chosen an attorney, proceed with your case.