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How to Hire a Los Angeles Felony Defense Lawyer

If you are facing felony criminal charges, finding a lawyer to represent you should be one of your highest priorities. You may be wondering how to find a good lawyer, and this article will explain how to identify and hire the right Los Angeles felony defense lawyer to help you.

In the legal system, felony crimes are extremely serious. Whether you are being accused of a crime against a person or property, you need an LA lawyer who has experience with the type of case you are being charged with. Your lawyer should be familiar with the court where you will be tried and know about the judge and the prosecutor trying your case. Your lawyer needs to have a legal strategy you agree with. Your Los Angeles criminal attorney must also charge reasonable fees.

How to Find the Right Los Angeles Felony Defense Lawyer

If you have never hired a Los Angeles criminal attorney before, you should ask people you know who have hired attorneys. Get recommendations whenever possible.

If you don’t know of anyone who can give you a good recommendation or you would like to talk to other attorneys, you can use a website such as to find Los Angeles criminal attorneys. Whether you live in Hollywood, downtown or the San Fernando Valley, can give you the names of lawyers in your area who practice the specific type of criminal defense you need.

Using is simple. All you need to do is fill out the form on this site or call 1-877-913-7222. After answering a few simple questions, will give you the name of one or more Los Angeles criminal attorneys. Then, you can begin meeting with lawyers.

Meeting with Different Los Angeles Felony Defense Lawyers

You will need to schedule an initial consultation with the lawyers you are considering hiring. This is your chance to get to know the lawyer and explain your case. Initial consultations are usually free, but you should double-check when you schedule your first appointment.

When you first meet with a lawyer, bring all your relevant information and documentation. This can include police reports, court documents and the names and contact information of witnesses.

Be prepared to ask a lot of questions and to answer a lot of questions. In the first meeting, a lawyer will probably talk about potential strategies for your case but won’t give you legal advice. Be ready to take notes, so you can remember everything that was said.

Once you have met with several Los Angeles felony defense lawyers, consider how you feel about each one. Did the lawyers have the right experience and knowledge? Did they take the time to explain things carefully to you? Did you agree with their assessment of your case, and did their suggested strategies make sense? If you are still not sure, talk to their references.

Finding the right Los Angeles felony defense lawyer is an extremely important decision. Once you have found the right person, you can move forward with your case.