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What is the Bankruptcy Mortgage Project? -

The Bankruptcy Mortgage Project is a website that was created by the National Consumer Law Center, Inc. (NCLC). The NCLC created the website to be used as a resource for a variety of audiences, including courts, consumers, trustees, attorneys, professors and academics, mortgage loan servicers, bankruptcy community members, and the public. Access to all documents contained on the website, from published bankruptcy court opinions and official court forms to local rules and court orders, is free.

How Is the Bankruptcy Mortgage Project Funded?

The website obtained its funding, in part, from a grant given by the Endowment for Education of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. The Endowment issued a disclaimer concurrently with making the grant that it does not endorse, approve of, nor express any type of opinion about the content published on the site or any materials deriving from it. The endowment includes an identical disclaimer for each of its grant-funded projects.

What Information Can One Find on the Bankruptcy Mortgage Project Website?

The Bankruptcy Mortgage Project is considered by many bankruptcy community members to be a helpful, useful resource for those seeking to research documents related to mortgage issues that arise in consumer bankruptcy cases. Consumer bankruptcy cases arise primarily under Chapters 7, 12, and 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The Project gives users and browsers alike free and ready access to a variety of instructive source materials that include local bankruptcy rules, official bankruptcy court forms, general orders from bankruptcy courts, and published bankruptcy court opinions.

How Are the Documents Organized on the Bankruptcy Mortgage Project Website?

The Project's website compiles its resource documentation into these major classifications:

  • loss mitigation and mediation
  • cure plan requirements
  • stay relief requirements
  • lien stripping
  • Chapter 13 plans

Although access to the Project documents is free, consumers using the site may quickly become overwhelmed. If anything, by browsing documents on the Project website, lay persons are likely to be even more convinced of the value of using a consumer bankruptcy attorney to help them navigate the complexities of the bankruptcy system. This is particularly the case when a debtor is trying to save his or her home by filing for bankruptcy relief and protection.

Attractive features of the Bankruptcy Mortgage Project website

One of the most attractive features of the Project website is that it facilitates searching documentations by both, state and circuit. Court cases are also available in pdf format, which allows for easy downloading. Free published court opinions help attorneys, students, and others conducting legal research on mortgage issues that arise in bankruptcy to save money. The NCLC plans periodic updates of the Project website and welcomes suggestions of any omitted materials that users would like to see added to the site.