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How to Hire a Washington, D.C., Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re struggling with debt collectors, repossession or foreclosure, you need the help of a Washington, D.C., bankruptcy attorney. An attorney can help you through this difficult time and on to a fresh financial start.

If you haven’t used a D.C. bankruptcy lawyer in the past, you may not know how to find or hire one. This article discusses how to find an attorney, and what to know before you decide to hire one.

How do I Find a Washington, D.C., Bankruptcy Attorney?

Often, a family member, friend or colleague can help. Ask the people you know to recommend a Washington, D.C., bankruptcy attorney, and find out more about each one they recommend.

You can also use to locate a D.C. bankruptcy attorney from Congress Heights to Shepherd Park. Finding one is simple, confidential and free. Just call 1-877-913-7222 or complete the form on the site. After you answer a few questions, will connect you with one or more Washington, D.C., bankruptcy lawyers. They’ll call you within two business days, or you can call them yourself. 

What to Look For in a D.C. Bankruptcy Attorney

Everyone has a different definition of the ideal lawyer. Experience and skill are essential, but you also need to find an attorney who makes you feel confident and comfortable. Look for a lawyer who:

  • Is highly experienced in consumer bankruptcy
  • Knows the court, judges and staff that will be involved in your case
  • Has an effective legal strategy 
  • Explains the bankruptcy process clearly
  • Listens, understands and provides helpful advice
  • Charges a reasonable fee

To find out which of the attorneys on your list has these important qualities, schedule an initial consultation with each.

Your First Meeting with an Attorney

The initial consultation takes place before you hire an attorney. It’s a meeting between you and a lawyer where you exchange information, ask questions and learn more about the bankruptcy process. Most Washington, D.C., bankruptcy lawyers don’t charge for the first meeting though some may charge a small fee.

You’ll learn the most if your attorney understands your financial situation. Bring every relevant financial document you have, including bank and other financial statements, creditor and collection letters, legal notices and any other items that describe your finances.

During the consultation, you should ask questions to help you decide if an attorney is right for you and ready to take your case. Some important subjects are:

  • The attorney’s experience in consumer bankruptcy 
  • The attorney’s knowledge of the D.C. bankruptcy system
  • The attorney’s education and professional associations
  • The strategy and approach for your case
  • The fee structure

While it’s very important to learn about these topics, you may want to know more. Feel free to ask any questions that help you decide if you will work well with the attorney, and take notes as you go.

When your consultations are done, review your notes and assess each attorney. Additional information may help you make a decision, and it’s acceptable to call and ask additional questions of an attorney. The opinion of past clients may also be helpful, and many attorneys will provide client references if you ask. 

You should now have enough information to select an attorney with the legal and personal qualities you need to move forward with your bankruptcy.