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Class Actions in Indiana

You may have a legal claim against a company, but feel as if it's impractical or not cost-effective to sue. But if many other people have similar claims, you may be able to resolve all of your disputes through a class action lawsuit heard in federal court, Indiana court or another state court. A class action attorney can evaluate your claim and help you determine whether it is appropriate to file a class action.

Class Action Lawsuits: Who, What & Why

You might be asking yourself why a plaintiff (the wronged party) would want to sue a defendant (the company accused of wrongdoing) through a class action lawsuit. There are a number of instances where a class action may be the best course of action.

Class action lawsuits are commonly used to resolve disputes related to:

  • Defective drugs and medical devices
  • Product liability claims
  • Deceptive or false advertising
  • Employment issues
  • Bank fraud and fraudulent finance charges
  • Securities fraud and other types of shareholder actions
  • Environmental contamination

According to Indiana court rules, a class action lawsuit is appropriate if there are many plaintiffs and it would be impractical to separately resolve each and every person's claim. The plaintiffs must have similar or identical claims, but there also must be a risk that if each case were tried separately, there might be inconsistent verdicts.

At some point after a judge certifies a class action lawsuit, or gives it the go-ahead to proceed as a class action, class action lawyers will attempt to notify all known and possible plaintiffs. This may be done by mail, email and phone, as well as print and television advertising. If you are potentially a plaintiff, you have the option of remaining as part of the class or opting out and filing a separate lawsuit. If you remain in the class, you will be bound by any verdict or settlement that is reached, regardless of whether it favors the plaintiff or defendant.

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