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Class Actions in Hawaii

Imagine that a company sells a defective product that injures many people. Or an employer regularly refuses to pay its employees for certain job tasks. Or a product claims to do something it doesn't actually do. What do all of these situations have in common? Many people have been wronged and probably have similar or identical legal claims against the company. In situations like these, it may make sense for the plaintiffs (the parties who have been wronged) to file a single lawsuit to collectively sue the company (known as the defendant) in federal court, Hawaii court or another state court. If you find yourself in such a situation, talk to a class action attorney to learn more about your legal options.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Class Action Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit allows many plaintiffs (the class) to resolve similar or identical claims against a defendant through a single lawsuit.

After the lawsuit is filed, the judge assigned to the case will decide whether to certify the class action, that is, allow it to proceed. In making this determination, the judge will look at the court's rules that define a class action.

If a case is denied class action certification, the lawyers for the class may refile the class action lawsuit in another court, if possible. Alternately, the plaintiffs may file individual lawsuits against the defendant.

A class action lawsuit offers advantages and disadvantages for both the plaintiffs and the defendants.

Among the advantages for the plaintiffs:

  • A group of plaintiffs may have access to more legal resources--such as better class action lawyers and more experts--than a single plaintiff who sues a company
  • Several or many class action attorneys may work together on a case, meaning the class also has more legal expertise
  • A class action gives plaintiffs a cost-effective opportunity to get compensated for their legal claims

The primary disadvantage for a plaintiff: You might not receive as much compensation from a class action as you would if you pursued independent legal action against the defendant. However, at some point every plaintiff has the opportunity to opt out of a class action and file their own lawsuit.

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