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Class Actions in Georgia

A class action lawsuit allows many parties who have similar or identical disputes with a company to resolve those claims with a single lawsuit heard in federal court, Georgia court or another state's court. Class actions are commonly used to resolve disputes related to employment, defective products, false advertising and securities fraud. Talk to a class action attorney if you've been wronged and think your issue could best be addressed with a class action.

Pros & Cons of Joining a Class Action

After a class action lawsuit is filed with the court, the judge will hold hearings to decide whether it meets the requirements for being heard as a class action.

If the judge agrees, then the case is certified, or allowed to proceed. If the judge determines that it doesn't meet the criteria, then class action lawyers may try to pursue the case as a class action in a different court. Alternately, the plaintiffs (the wronged parties) may have to each file individual lawsuits against the company, also known as the defendant.

If a case is certified, lawyers for the plaintiffs and the defendant will present their arguments to the judge or jury. Some class action lawsuits will proceed until the judge or jury reaches a verdict, but many are settled out of court, subject to a judge's approval.

At some point, you'll be given the choice to opt-out of the class action and pursue your own litigation against the defendant, or file a claim for compensation from the class action. How do you decide which is right for you? Let's look at the pros and cons of accepting compensation from the class action.

Among the advantages of a class action: It's a cost-effective way to resolve a dispute and doesn't require much effort if you're a class member. You may have to submit documentation to collect compensation, but unless you are the lead plaintiff, you won't have to testify or even go to court.

The disadvantage of a class action is that you may get less money than if you'd filed an independent lawsuit. Ask yourself if the compensation being offered to the class is fair and fully covers your losses. How much would it cost you to hire an attorney and file your own lawsuit? Can you afford to wait months or years to resolve your legal issue?

If you're having trouble deciding, contact an attorney and ask for an evaluation of your case. Is it strong and what's the likelihood that it would succeed? How much would it cost to hire the lawyer? Once you have the answers to those questions, you'll have a better idea of whether to move forward with your own lawsuit or to file for compensation from the class action.

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