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Class Actions in Colorado

It's not always cost-effective to sue a company that's injured or defrauded you. However, a class action is a type of lawsuit that allows many people with similar or identical claims against a company to collectively resolve their disputes through one court case. If you feel as if you and many others have been wronged by a company, talk to a class action attorney today. Your lawyer can review the specific details of your situation and determine whether it would make sense to file a class action in federal court, Colorado court or another state's court.

Class action lawsuits are commonly used to resolve disputes over defective products (including cars, drugs and medical devices), false or misleading advertising, and securities fraud.

After a class action lawsuit is filed, the judge assigned to the case will decide whether it qualifies to proceed as a class action under federal or state court rules. (This is known as class action certification.

If certification is denied, then the plaintiffs may try to re-file the case in a different court or may have to file individual lawsuits against the defendant company.

Class Action: File a Claim or Opt Out?

Once a class action has been certified, there will either be a trial or the lawyers representing the plaintiffs and defendants may negotiate a settlement. If the plaintiffs (also known as the class) win money through a settlement or court victory, then you will have three choices:

  • File a claim for compensation
  • Opt out of the class and file a separate lawsuit
  • Do nothing and lose the chance to be compensated through the class or to file a lawsuit

How do you decide what path to follow? There's no one "right" answer. Instead, the decision will depend on a number of factors, including whether you feel as if you would receive fair compensation from the class action or whether you want to spend the time and go to the expense of filing a separate lawsuit against the company.

If you are having difficulty deciding how to proceed, consider talking to a personal injury or consumer rights attorney to better understand whether it would make sense to opt out and proceed with a separate lawsuit.

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