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Class Actions in California

If you own stocks or carry a credit card or subscribe to long distance service, at some point in recent years you've probably gotten a letter telling you that you might be eligible for compensation as a result of a class action lawsuit settlement or judgment. A class action is a lawsuit filed against a company on behalf of many people who have been wronged by a company or its products and services. If you've been wronged by a company and think there may be many others like you, a class action attorney can help you file a new lawsuit in federal or California courts.

Joining a Class Action

You may be wondering, what is a class action lawsuit? Good question!

Suppose you purchase a product that's defective and the company refuses to give you a refund. You could hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the company in an effort to recoup your money. But that might be expensive and time consuming.

A class action lawsuit avoids those problems by grouping the claims of many parties (known as the plaintiffs or the class) into a single lawsuit. It offers many advantages to both the plaintiffs and defendants because:

  • Participating as a plaintiff in an existing class action usually takes little time or effort
  • The legal costs are spread among all of the plaintiffs (although there's rarely an out-of-pocket cost for the plaintiffs because most class action lawyers work on contingency, meaning they get paid a percentage of any financial award)
  • It keeps the courts from getting clogged up with many similar lawsuits
  • Ensures consistent verdicts

There are two ways to join a class action:

  1. If an existing class action has already been certified (meaning the court has given its OK for the case to be heard as a class action), then you normally don't need to do anything until the case is resolved. If the class wins money, you'll either file a claim requesting your share or you can opt out and file your own lawsuit in federal or California courts.
  2. If a class action hasn't been filed, or if certification was denied in one court, you can work with a lawyer to file a new class action lawsuit on behalf of yourself and other potential plaintiffs.

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If you've been injured by a defective product or wronged by a company, then you may have cause to file a class action lawsuit in federal or California Superior Court. Your next step is to hire a class action lawyer to represent you. And can help. Call us at 877-913-7222 or complete the form on this page to use our free legal referral service. Whether you live in San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento or elsewhere in California, we'll quickly connect you with class action lawyers in your area.