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Class Actions in Arkansas

Sometimes it's not cost- or time-effective to sue a company that's wronged you. Maybe you can't afford to hire a lawyer or you'd have to file the lawsuit in a court far from your home. If many other people have the same grievance against one or several companies, it may be more cost-effective for them to file a class action lawsuit. A class action allows many parties (known as the plaintiffs or the class) to pool their resources and resolve similar or identical disputes with a company (known as the defendant) in a single case in federal or Arkansas state court. A class action attorney can:

  • Review the specifics of your situation
  • Tell you if you'd qualify to participate in an existing class action, or
  • Help you file a new class action lawsuit against one or several plaintiffs

Class action lawsuits are often used to resolve litigation related to securities fraud, false advertising and defective products (including drugs and medical devices).

Participating in a Class Action


There are several ways to participate in a class action lawsuit.

If you think you have grounds for a potential class action lawsuit, talk to a local class action lawyer. The attorney can investigate your claims and evaluate the strength of your case. Because class action lawyers work on contingency (meaning they only get paid if the lawsuit is successful), most will only accept new cases if they think there's strong likelihood of success.

If a lawyer decides to accept your case, he or she will file a class action lawsuit on behalf of you and similarly situated plaintiffs in either federal court or an Arkansas court.

The judge assigned to the case will decide whether to certify the case as a class action. If certification is denied, you can still pursue an individual lawsuit against the company.

If a case has already been certified as a class action, you can participate by submitting a claim for compensation if the class action is resolved in favor of the plaintiffs. If you do not agree with the terms of the settlement or judgment, you may opt out and pursue your own legal action against the company.

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