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Class Actions in Arizona

If you've been defrauded by a business or suffered serious side effects from a drug or purchased a defective product, it may not make financial sense to take the company to court. But a class action lawsuit filed in federal or Arizona court may be an alternative solution. Talk to a class action attorney today to learn whether it makes sense to file a class action or join an existing class action.

The Basics of a Class Action Lawsuit


If you've been wronged, it can be time consuming and expensive to file a lawsuit against the responsible person or business. A class action is a type of lawsuit that consolidates many people's claims against a company into a single case that is heard in state or federal court. It allows people (known as the plaintiffs or class) to resolve identical disputes in a cost-effective, efficient and fair manner.

Class action lawsuits are commonly used to resolve claims related to:

After a lawyer files a class action lawsuit in federal or Arizona court, the judge will review the details of the case and then decide whether the lawsuit qualifies as a class action. If it does, a lead plaintiff (a person whose claim typifies the class) will be selected, and his or her case will be presented in court. The resulting court verdict (or settlement, if the case is resolved out of court) will then apply to all members of the class.

Depending on the nature of the lawsuit, other class members may have to file a claim form to receive compensation after the verdict or settlement has been reached. Class members may also have the option of opting out, or pursuing their own lawsuit against the company.

Find & Hire Local Arizona Class Actions Attorneys


If you you've been injured or otherwise wronged by a company—and think that other people have suffered similar injuries—then you may have grounds for a class action lawsuit, and should hire an attorney as soon as possible.

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