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Class Actions in Alaska

You've been wronged and want to take legal action. Maybe you were injured by a defective prescription drug. Or perhaps you purchased a product that was defective. However, when many people or businesses have similar or identical legal claims against one or a few businesses, lawsuits may be consolidated into a class action lawsuit. A class action attorney can review the specific requirements to file a class action lawsuit in Alaska, and help determine if you'd be better off joining a class action or pursuing independent legal action.

Class Action Basics


A class action lawsuit allows many plaintiffs (known as the class) to resolve similar or identical legal claims against one or a few defendants through a single lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are commonly used to resolve legal claims related to:

Under normal circumstances, each plaintiff would have to file his or her own lawsuit against the company responsible. Plaintiffs would have to hire attorneys and sit through a possibly long, expensive trial—with no guaranteed outcome.

A class action lawsuit consolidates these many lawsuits into a single class action. The attorneys representing the plaintiffs usually work on contingency, meaning they only get paid if the lawsuit is successful. And one lawsuit can be resolved much more quickly than hundreds or thousands of separate lawsuits.

If the class is successful, any money received through a court judgment or settlement is split among the plaintiffs. Depending on the nature of the litigation, you may have to file a claim form to prove that you're entitled to a portion of the proceeds.

A class action lawyer can review the specific details of your situation, tell you if it qualifies as a class action under Alaska laws and help you join or file a class action, if appropriate.

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