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Class Actions in Alabama

When many people or businesses have similar or identical legal claims against a company, then the lawsuits may be consolidated into what is known as a class action. This allows both sides to resolve a dispute more quickly than if federal or Alabama courts had to decide dozens, hundreds or thousands of similar lawsuits. A class action attorney can help determine whether you have grounds for a class action or if you should join an existing class action.

What Is a Class Action?

A class action lawsuit:

  • Can be filed state court or, in some circumstances, federal court
  • Allows a large group of people (known as the class) to resolve similar or identical claims against another party (known as the defendant
  • Can be used to resolve disputes more quickly than through many individual trials

When a class action lawsuit is initially filed, a judge will look at the case and determine whether a class action is the best means of resolving the issue. This is known as certification. Alabama class action rules help judges determine when they may and may not certify a class action.

After the class has been certified, one or several class members (known as the lead plaintiff) will be selected to represent the entire class during trial. Members of the class will also have the option, up until a certain point, to opt out of the class and pursue independent legal action against the defendant.

After a court judgment or settlement is reached, any financial payout is split among class members. Depending on the nature of the lawsuit, class members may need to submit additional information (known as a claim) before they can receive a payout.

Class actions can be used to resolve a variety of types of legal disputes, and are commonly used to resolve litigation related to:

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