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How to Hire a Boston Child Custody Lawyer

In a Boston child custody agreement, there are many things at stake. You, your children and their other parent will be impacted for years to come by the agreement that the judge approves. If you have not hired a Boston child custody attorney before, you may not know how to find one to work with. This article will explain how to identify and select the Massachusetts family law attorney who can help you with your custody matter.

Massachusetts Child Custody Law

When it comes to child custody arrangements, there is no cookie-cutter formula. Each family is unique, and so is the relationship you have with each child and with your former spouse or partner.

You need to find a Boston child custody lawyer with the right mix of experience, strategy, attitude and cost to help you get the best outcome for your family.

The judge assigned to your case will look at many different factors to decide what arrangement will be in the best interests of your child or children. The judge can consider different kinds of custody arrangements, including sole legal custody, shared legal custody, sole physical custody and shared physical custody.

Identifying Attorneys to Interview

Asking for personal recommendations is a good first step when hiring a lawyer to help with your Boston child custody agreement. Remember, though, that a family law attorney who was very effective for a friend or family member may not be the right one for you if your situation is different. That’s why it’s so important to meet face-to-face with Boston child custody lawyers to find the right one to hire.

If you haven’t received any good recommendations or you would like another name or two, you can also use to connect with lawyers whether you live in Charlestown, the South End, Newton or elsewhere in the Boston area. By providing a few simple pieces of information, either by filling out the form on this site or calling 1-877-913-7222, you will be given the name of a lawyer who handles custody cases in the Boston area. You can contact the lawyer immediately, or the attorney will reach out to you within two business days.

Meeting with a Boston Custody Lawyer

Now that you have the name or names of Boston custody lawyers, it’s time to schedule an initial consultation. This first meeting is your chance to get to know the lawyer, develop an impression of him and familiarize the lawyer with your case. The goal of the meeting is to decide whether to hire the attorney to handle your case.

Initial consultations are usually free, but you should double-check when you make your appointment.

Be sure to bring a list of questions to your meeting, along with some writing material so you can take notes. You should be ready to ask about the attorney’s experience with family law matters, strategies and fees. You should also get a sense of how comfortable you are with the attorney and how much you trust his advice.

Once the meeting is over, make some notes about your impressions. After you've met with each attorney you're considering, it’s time to evaluate which is the best Boston custody lawyer to hire. Which attorney has the right experience for your situation? Which one charges reasonable fees? Which one do you trust the most?

If you still can’t decide, ask for references. Follow up with those people get their impressions of each attorney and find out if they would use this attorney again.

Hiring a lawyer for your Boston child custody matter is an extremely important decision. By carefully thinking through the process, meeting with attorneys and asking questions, you can find the right lawyer to help you and your family reach the best possible custody arrangement.