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How to Find & Hire Virginia Beach Custody Attorneys

If you and your child's other parent have a child custody dispute, you should strongly consider turning to Virginia Beach custody attorneys for assistance. This article will guide you through the process of finding and hiring a child custody lawyer.

Your custody lawyer can:

Identifying Virginia Beach Custody Attorneys

Your first step in hiring a Virginia Beach custody lawyer is to identify at least one lawyer to interview in an initial consultation. This preliminary meeting enables you to get to know the lawyer and tell him about your custody dispute. You can learn more about the lawyer's experience, assessment of your case, legal fees and proposed legal strategy. Once you know more about the lawyer, you can decide whether to hire him to handle your case.

There are a couple of ways of finding Virginia Beach custody lawyers to interview. Do you know anyone who's previously hired a Virginia Beach custody lawyer? If so, ask that person whether their lawyer did a good job. Were they happy with the outcome? Would they hire the lawyer again? These personal recommendations can be invaluable. But remember, the lawyer who was perfect for someone else may not be the best Virginia Beach child custody lawyer for you. That's why you want to interview a lawyer prior to hiring him.

If you don't know anyone who can recommend a custody lawyer or you're simply looking for the name of another lawyer, then can help. We offer a service that can connect you to a Virginia Beach child custody attorney in your area. To use the service, fill out the brief form on this site or call us at 1-877-913-7222. We'll ask you a few questions, then put you in touch with a lawyer in your area. The lawyer will call you within two business days, or you can call him immediately.

Meeting Virginia Beach Child Custody Lawyers

Once you've gathered the name of at least one Virginia Beach child custody lawyer, you'll want to schedule your initial consultation. This meeting is usually free, but double check when you schedule the appointment, so you're not caught by surprise.

There is some preparation you can do to make the most of the meeting.

First, you'll want to make a list of questions to ask the child custody lawyer. Remember the goal of the meeting is to decide whether to hire the attorney, so focus your questions on topics that help you make that decision. You should probably touch on:

  • The lawyer's experience handling Virginia Beach child custody disputes
  • The lawyer's assessment of your situation and proposed strategy for resolving your dispute
  • The lawyer's legal fees and total estimated cost to handle your case

If you have any special needs—such as evening appointments or special payment plans—you should also discuss these during the initial consultation.

You should also gather any documentation related to your child custody dispute. For example, if your ex is late with child support payments, bring a copy of the child support orders and list of payment dates and amount. This will help the lawyer fully understand your issue.

Finally, you'll want to bring paper and pen, so you can take notes during the meeting. Particularly if you're meeting more than one lawyer, these notes will help you keep details straight and will come in handy when it's time to decide which lawyer to hire.

Know that all lawyers are bound by certain confidentiality laws, even if you ultimately decide to hire another attorney. That means you should be candid and honest with lawyers during each meeting, and know that nothing you say will be revealed to others without your permission.

Selecting Among Virginia Beach Custody Attorneys

Once you've finished your initial consultations with Virginia Beach custody attorneys, it's time to decide which one to hire. Review your notes. Ask yourself:

  • Which lawyer made me feel most confident in his skills? With whom would I feel most comfortable entrusting my case?
  • Which attorney had the most appropriate experience to handle my case?
  • Do I agree with the lawyer's assessment of my custody dispute and the proposed strategy?
  • Can I afford the legal fees?
  • After you've asked and answered those questions, you should know which Virginia Beach child custody lawyer is right for your case.