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How to Hire a Dallas Child Custody Attorney

Did you know that one of the first things a Dallas child custody attorney must do is determine whether the Dallas courts have jurisdiction over your child custody matter? Or that if parents cannot reach a child custody decision, Dallas courts have the right to make those decisions based on what’s in the best interest of the child?

Experienced child custody attorneys in Dallas will know the city’s court system and child custody laws. They can develop good legal strategies. Attorneys could also ease anxiety resulting from custody battles. This article will explain how to identify and hire a Dallas child custody attorney.

Identifying Potential Child Custody Attorneys

First, you need to create a list of potential child custody lawyers. Referrals are a good place to start gathering names.

Ask friends, family members or business associates if they have used a Dallas child custody attorney in the past. Personal recommendations provide feedback about how well a lawyer works with clients.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking people you know for a referral, or you’d like to gather a few more names, can put you in touch with a Dallas child custody attorney.

To begin, just fill out the form on this site or call 1-877-913-7222. After answering some basic questions, you will receive the name of at least one Dallas child custody attorney. Then you can contact a lawyer directly at your convenience, or the lawyer will call you within two business days.

The Initial Consulation

Once you’ve targeted a few potential lawyers, schedule appointments with them. Initial consultations let you meet lawyers and familiarize them with your case. The consultations should also help you decide if you want to hire a lawyer. Most initial consultations are free, but confirm this when you make an appointment.

But don’t go to an initial consultation unprepared. Take time to gather any relevant documents that pertain to your child custody case for the lawyer to review. Also bring writing material to take notes.

Write down questions to ask the child custody attorney. The questions should focus on four key areas: Background and experience, case assessment, case management and billing rates. Key questions about child custody cases include:

  • How long have you been a child custody lawyer?
  • Have you ever handled a child custody case like mine?
  • What is your suggested strategy for handling my child custody case?
  • What types of child custody are available in my situation?
  • How long do you estimate my child custody case will take to resolve?
  • What is your billing rate? Can you give me an estimate of the total cost to handle my matter?
  • What types of court-related costs will I have to pay?

Other questions could involve issues such as grandparents’ rights and child support. Attorneys in Dallas with child custody experience should be able to answer those questions.

During the initial consultations ask lawyers for references. If you have any questions about a lawyer, a former client may give you insight that helps you make a decision. They could be the deciding factor.

Take notes during the consultation or write down your impression of the lawyer while the visit is still fresh in your mind. Ask yourself:

  • Did the lawyer listen well?
  • Did he understand my child custody problem?
  • Could the lawyer explain child custody laws as they apply in Dallas?
  • Did the lawyer speak in layman’s terms when talking about the law?
  • Do you think the lawyer’s charges reasonable rates?

After the Initial Consultation

After meeting with at least one attorney, review the lawyer’s qualifications. Ask yourself:

  • Did the lawyer understand my case?
  • Did he answer all of my questions?
  • Can he help me get custody of my child?

If you still haven’t chosen an attorney after reviewing their qualifications, call the references. Speak to previous clients and ask them about their working relationship with the child custody lawyer. Ask them:

  • Were they satisfied with their experience?
  • What were the pros and cons of working with this particular lawyer?
  • Would they work with the lawyer again?

Asking a child custody attorney questions before hiring him will leave you satisfied with your choice. Once you’ve selected a lawyer, hire him and proceed with your case.